British V8 2007, Willoughby Ohio

BritishV8 2007

August 2 thru 4

Willoughby Ohio

Special Report on British V8 2007

Key Agenda Items
    British V8 2007 Meet Overview(by Curtis Jacobson)
    British V8 Track Day at Nelson Ledges Road Course(by Max Fulton)
    Measuring Up: Autocrossing and Weighing the Cars(by Curtis Jacobson)
    Valve Cover Race Results(by Charles Kettering)

Continuing Education and Seminar Program
    Tech Session 1 - Digital Photography for Car People(with Mary Schils)
    Tech Session 2 - MGB Suspension Upgrades(with Ted Lathrop)
    Tech Session 3 - Ford V8 MGB Conversions(with Pete Mantell)
    Tech Session 4 - Installing a Wiring Kit(with Dan Masters)
    Tech Session 5 - Powder Coating(with Pete Mantell)
    Tech Session 6 - Rear Axle Selection and Set-Up(with Dan Lagrou)
    Tech Session 7 - Rover Electronic Fuel Injection(with Jim Stuart)

Special Guest Vehicles - Factory-Built British V8s!
    Philip Cooke's 2006 MG ZT-T(with Ford 4.6L V8)
    Dave Massey's 1980 Triumph TR8(with Rover 3.5L V8)
    John Targett's 1974 Aston Martin V8(with Aston Martin 5.3L V8)
    John Targett's 1975 Jensen Interceptor III        (with Chrysler 440 V8)

 Please support the sponsoring companies who make BritishV8 possible, including:
Pete at Mantell Motorsport specializes in Ford V8 engine conversions for MGB, plus powder coating

The Invitation

British V8 meets are the premier annual event for people interested in performance-modified British sports cars. Come prepared to learn all about the cars and to share information with owners and builders.

We'll be enjoying the cars in their element! Coordinator Kurt Schley has negotiated our exclusive use of Nelson Ledges Race Track on Thursday (August 2). Sponsor Pete Mantell of Mantell Motorsport will be underwriting the track-time, so we can all play for just $75-per-car. An autocross is being planned for Friday (August 3).

There'll be a plethora of diverse social activities. For example, a spa outing is being planned by some of the ladies. There will also be vineyard tours and spirited country drives - British V8 meets are great fun for couples! - plus free time is being left for kicking tires and telling stories. Don't forget to bring your camera.

Of course, one of the highlights of British V8 Meets is the informative "tech sessions". Kurt has reserved seven hours in the schedule for tech sessions this year. There will be topics of interest to everyone! Also, so far at least eight vendors have confirmed plans to participate in the meet. Some of the vendors will even offer discounted merchandise.

Notice: ALL fans of modified British sports cars are welcome and encouraged to participate in our meets. Don't let our old "V8" name discourage you! We're happy that our participants and their cars are increasingly diverse. The meets are especially recommended for people who contemplating, planning, or engaged-in performance modifications of their cars.

Host Hotel

Days Inn, Willoughby
4145 State Route 306
Willoughby, OH 44094
phone: 440-946-0500
room rate: $71/night + tax


   Wed. Aug. 1st:    1pm - 7pmEvent Registration
   Thurs. Aug. 2nd:    8am - 4pmEvent Registration (continued)
     8am - 4pmDriving Event at Nelson Ledges!
sponsored by Pete Mantell of Mantell Motorsport
(Note: Even if you don't care to drive the track, this will
be a fun event for spectators and impromptu pit crews.)
     4pm - 5pmTech Session #1 Digital Photography (with Mary Schils)
     6pm - 8pmParking Lot Pizza Party
sponsored by Ted Lathrop of Fast Cars Inc.
and Dan Masters of Advance Auto-Wire.
   Fri. Aug. 3rd:    9am - 2pmAutocross
     2pm - 3pmTech Session #2 MGB Suspension Upgrades (with Ted Lathrop)
     3pm - 4pmTech Session #3 Powder Coating (with Pete Mantell)
     4pm - 7pmCaravan (to a charming winery/restaurant for supper)
     7pm - ??pmParking Lot Party
sponsored by Dan and Mark Lagrou of D&D Fabrications
   Sat. Aug. 4:    10am - 11amTech Session #4 Electrical Systems (with Dan Masters)
     11am - 1pmWeighing of the Cars
     1pm - 3pmValve Cover Races
     3pm - 4pmTech Session #5 Rear Axles Selection and Set-up (with Dan LaGrou)
     4pm - 5pmTech Session #6 Fuel Injection - and maybe some A/C too (with Jim Stuart)
     5pm - 7pmKurt and Sue's Wedding followed by the meet banquet
     7pm - ??pmParking Lot Party
sponsored by Kurt and Sue

Participation Requirements for Nelson Ledges Race Track "Fun Day"

Official Rules for the Valve Cover Races

The Cars The Course The Races

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