2005 British V8 Convention - Terra Haute, Indiana - June 9-12

The Driving Experience of 2005!

Event Coordinators:
Rick IngramSt.Joseph, IL69 MGC
Dave KirkmanTerre Haute, IN80 MGB / Ford 302
Pete MantellSidney, IL69 MGB / Ford 302

Guest of Honor:
Ken CostelloKent, England

Autocross Champion:
  Carl FloydKingsport, TN1979 MGB / Buick 215

Track-day Honorable Mention: (for daring!)
  Bill YobiCanfield, , OH1979 MGB / Olds 215

1/8 Mile "Top Eliminator":
  Peter SmithSault St.Marie, ONT1976 MGB / Rover 3.5

Please see below for complete participant list.
The following photos were generously provided by Dave Burstyn of Essex, Ontario:

The Driving Experience of 2005     Paddock
Ken Costello and Dave Burstyn
Ken Costello and Dave Burstyn (with Graham's MGB)

    1/8 Mile Top Eliminator: Peter Smith
1/8 Mile Top Eliminator: Peter Smith

Putnam Park Road Course
Thirteen BritishV8's attacked the Putnam Park Road Course.

    Moor and Carrick in pit lane
Dyno testing Graham's MGB
While at Putnam Park, we had access to a "rolling road".

    Graham's MGB on the dyno
Dennis Williams' MGB on the dyno
Dennis and Ron compared 3.9L Rover V8 engines.

    Ron Davis' Morgan on the dyno
Wabash Valley Drag Strip
Saturday, BritishV8's raced at Wabash Valley Drag Strip.

    Richard Wright and Ron Davis
Robert Franzen's MGB, Richard Wright's Healey, & ?'s MGA
Robert Franzen's MGB, Richard Wright's Healey, & ?'s MGA.

    Close Friends Graham & Peter - Locked in Battle
Close Friends Peter & Graham - Locked in Battle!

Ken and Ila Biermann, and Dennis Miller
Ken & Ila Biermann (stock MGB) meet Dennis Miller.

    Mary Schils inspects a Rolls Royce in Frank Kleptz's collection
Mary Schils inspects a Rolls Royce in Frank Kleptz's collection.

Ken BiermannSt.Louis, MOMGB (stock)
Jim BlackwoodFlorence, KY71 MGB / Olds 215
David BurstynEssex, ONTsans car
Steve CarrickMiddleville, MI74 MGB / Ford 302
Brian ColemanHouston, TXMGB (stock)
Ken CostelloKent, UKsans car
Graham CreswickChatham, ONT76 MGB / Ford 302
Larry CuttsTerre Haute, IN78 MGB
Ron Davis Mackinaw, IL86 Morgan / Rover V8
Carl FloydKingsport, TN79 MGB / Buick 215
Robert FranzenStevensville, MI79 MGB / Buick 215
Bill GuzmanCamurillo, CAsans car
Galen HazenPlano, TX?
Gary HendronFlorence, KYsans car
John HirstNorth Jackson, OH77 MGB / Rover ?
Paul HowellDeltaville, VA?
Rick HuberBaton Rouge, LA75 MGB / Rover 3.5
Andrew HuberNashville, TN75 MGB / Rover 3.5
Leroy JoppaLaona, WIHealey 100 / Chevy V8
Dan LagrouAlmont, MI?
Ted LathropWayland, MI76 TR6 / Chevy 350
Harvey LiechtiPainesville, OH71 MGB-GT / Rover 3.5
Andy LovettKent, UKsans car
Mike MaloneyTipp City, OHMGB GT / GM 3.1 V6
Dan MastersAlcoa, TN?
Allen MilburnLebanon, IN?
Jim MillerSt.Joseph, MI78 MGB / Buick 215
Mike MoorAngola, IN78 MGB / Buick 300
Richard MoorAngola, IN69 Avenger / Buick 3.8 V6
Bernie PoseyElyria, OH79 MGB / Rover 3.9
Ryan ReisBeatrice, NE68 MGB / ?
Jack RenaudDearborn, MI80 MGB / Buick 215
Barrie RobinsonBarrie, ONT70 MGB-GT / Rover 3.5
Paul SchilsFredonia, WI73 MGB-GT / Buick 215
Kurt SchleyMadison, OHsans car
Les ShockeyAlexandria, VA70 TR6 / Ford 408
Peter SmithSault St.Marie, ONT76 MGB / Rover 3.5
Dale SpoonerBurlington, VT77 MGB / Ford 302
Kelly StevensonFayetteville, TN78 MGB / Ford 302
Jim StuartMontgomery Village, MD73 MGB-GT / Buick 300
David StutzFt.Wayne, INSpitfire / Ford 2.3 L4
Doug TrichelEuless, TX?
Bill WheatTerre Haute, INMGB / Chevy 350
Dennis WilliamsHamilton, OHMGB / Rover 3.9
Richard WrightRichardson, TXAustin Healey 3000 / Chevy 350
Bruce WyckoffHolland, MI74.5 GT / Buick 215
Bill YobiCanfield, OH79 MGB / Olds 215

More Car Photos!

Graham Creswick's Ford-powered MGB
Graham Creswick's MGB (Ford 302)

    Carl Floyd's MGB / Buick 215 V8
Carl Floyd's MGB (Buick 215)

Leroy Joppa's Chevy-powered Austin Healey
Leroy Joppa's Austin Healey (SBC)

    Richard Wright's Austin Healey
Richard Wright's Austin Healey (SBC)

Ted Lathrop's TR6 / Chevy 350 V8
Ted Lathrop's TR6 (Chevy 350)

    Les Shockey's Ford-powered TR6
Les Shockey's TR6 (Ford 408)

Harvey Leichti's MGB-GT (Rover 3.5)
Harvey Leichti's MGB-GT (Rover 3.5)

    Paul Schils' Rover-powered MGBGT
Paul Schils' MGB-GT (Buick 215)

Jim Blackwood's Oldsmobile-Powered MGB
Jim Blackwood's MGB (Olds 215)

    Jim Stuart's MGB-GT / Buick 300 V8
Jim Stuart's MGB-GT (Buick 300)
Bill Wheat's MGB / Chevy V8
Bill Wheat's MGB (Chevy 350)

    Peter Smith's MGB / Rover 3.5 V8
Peter Smith's MGB (Rover 3.5)

Bill Yobi's MGB / Olds 215 V8
Bill Yobi's MGB (Olds 215)

    Bruce Wyckoff's MGB GT / Buick 215 V8
Bruce Wyckoff's MGB-GT (Buick 215)
Mikel Moor's MGB / Buick 300 V8
Mikel Moor's MGB (Buick 300)

    Steve Carrick's MGB / Ford 302 V8
Steve Carrick's MGB (Ford 302)

Mike Mahoney's MGB-GT 3.1L GM V6
Mike Mahoney's MGB-GT (GM 3.2 V6)

    Mike Mahoney's engine compartment
Mike Mahoney's engine compartment

Dennis Williams' MGB (Rover 3.9)
Dennis Williams' MGB (Rover 3.9)

    Dennis Williams' engine compartment
Dennis Williams' engine compartment

Kelly Stevenson's MGB (Ford 302)
Kelly Stevenson's MGB (Ford 302)

    Kelly's engine compartment
Kelly's engine compartment

Ron Davis' 1986 Morgan Plus 8
Ron Davis' 1986 Morgan Plus 8

    Ron Davis's engine compartment
Ron Davis' engine compartment

Richard Wright's Austin Healey - rear
Richard Wright's Austin Healey

    Richard Wright's big Healey - interior

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