British V8 Conversion Convention     2002 British V8 Meet

2002 British V8 Conversion Convention - Grand Rapids, Michigan

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume X Issue 3, September 2002

by: Dan Masters

Dateline Grand Rapids, August 16 - 18, 2002: Hordes of crazed auto-enthusiasts descended upon this western Michigan city for a weekend of fun and frolic. Local residents, seeing the "toy" cars with big motors, locked up their children and hid behind closed doors, frightened by the noise these small cars made. Well, not really, but there was a "horde" of enthusiasts participating in the 5th annual V8 convention. If you weren't there, you should have been, and you missed a rollicking good time. Approximately 69 attendees, in 22 BritishV8 conversions, were in attendance at this British V8 convention.

Activities consisted of track time at the Gratten race track, an autocross, a shop tour of Fast Cars, Inc., tech sessions, vendor displays, a weigh-in, an awards dinner, lots and lots of bench racing, more than just a little BS slinging, and a few late night "light-'em-up" sessions in the parking lot.

One of the great things about the V8 meets is the complete lack of egos - just a bunch of friends gathering for a good time, and to share hints and kinks. Competition is very low keyed and friendly and every one is more than willing to help a fellow "V-eighter" in need.

Martyn Harvey has done an excellent job of writing about the event in his Canadian Corner column, so I'll just let the pictures and the autocross and weigh-in data speak for themselves here.

Sponsored by this newsletter, the sixth annual British V8 Convention was held in Grand Rapids, MI. Approximately 69 attendees and 22 British V8 conversions participated. Festivities included track time at Gratten race track, an autocross, a shop tour of Fast Cars, Inc., tech sessions, vendor displays, a weigh in, and a plethora of social activities.

 Please support the sponsoring companies who make BritishV8 possible, including:
Ted Lathrop of Fast Cars Inc. specializes in suspension and chassis modifications for British sports cars.

Attendees, and Their Cars

OWNER From Year / Model Engine Weight (pounds) Best Auto-X Time (seconds)
1 David Bash St Charles, MO       27:87
2 Steve Carrick Middleville, MI 74 MGB Ford 302 2300  
3 Carl Floyd Kingsport, TN 79 MGB Buick 215 2290 26:16
4 Max Fulton Chapel Hill, NC MGB (stock) 2240 27:38
5 Martyn Harvey Waterloo, ONT 79 MGB LE Rover V8 2420 28:34
6 Andy Knaut Grand Rapids, MI 79 MGB Rover 3.5 2220 27:53
7 Ted Lathrop Wayland, MI 76 TR6 Chevy 350 2400  
8 Mike Moor Angola, IN 73 MGB Buick 300 2370 27:03
9 Jim Orr Hobart, IN 71 MGB Buick 215 2230  
10 Jack Renaud Dearborn, MI 80 MGB Rover 3.5 2320  
11 Robert Samyn   Essexville MI 59 MGA Coupe   Chevy V8   2370  
12 Joe Schafer Mt Pleasant, MI 71 MGB   2240 28:46
13 Paul Schils Fredonia, WI 73 MGB-GT Buick 215 2380  
14 Kurt Schley Madison, OH 73 MGB Olds 215 2310 26:88
15 Peter Smith Sault St Marie, ONT 76 MGB Rover 3.5 2440 28:22
16 Pete Stroble Beavercreek, OH 73 MGB-GT Chevy V6 2120  
17 Jim Stuart Montgomery Village, MD   66 MGB Buick 215 2410  
18 Al Wulf Wheat Ridge, CO 67 MGB Buick 215 2150 32:28
19 Bill Yobi Canfield, OH 79 MGB Olds 215 2340 27:03

On Track at Gratten Raceway!

Gratten Raceway     Bill Yobi's and Steve Carrick's MGB V8's
No pace car! Go as fast as you can. Unlike most track events, this track allowed each driver to go at his own pace, even if it meant an occasional off-track excursion (and there were a few). It must be against the law to have this much fun.

    Getting ready for some serious track time. Dump all that dead weight and dangerous projectiles! (That's Bill Yobi's car in the foreground, and Steve Carrick's car beyond it.)

Ted's TR6 and Al Wulf's MGB     Carl Floyd

Touring "Fast Cars, Inc."

Touring Fast Cars Inc     Ted Lathrop's Shop
One high point of the meet was the tour of Fast Cars Inc.

    Ted Lathrop explained the intricacies of narrowing an axle.

Ted's first MGB engine swap     Garden Tour
While "Mr" Fast Cars was giving a shop tour, "Mrs" Fast Cars was giving the ladies a tour of her garden.

Weigh-In   (Debasing Myths And Legends)

Ted Lathrop's TR6     Bob Samyn's MGA
Purists have acused us of destroying these cars with overweight engines. The weights we recorded should put an end to that!

Andy Knaut's MGB     Andy Knaut's MGB

The Paddock - Preparation for Autocrossing

Paddock     Autocross
Autocrossing     Gymkanna

Autocrossing - The V8 MG in its element!

Autocrossing - MGB V8     Autocrossing - MGBV8     Autocross - MGB V8     Autocross - MGBV8

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