1979 MGB-GT - V8 conversion with Sebring Flares (owner: Darren Jones)
1979 MGB-GT - V8 conversion with Sebring Flares (owner: Darren Jones)

How to Contribute Photos and Articles

Most of BritishV8's content comes from readers like you. Please phone, write or e-mail us if you have an article idea or want to volunteer. You won't have to sweat nit-picky editorial details because we're happy to proofread, edit, and format your article.

We invite readers to submit "How It Was Done" articles upon completion of their projects: Download the How It Was Done article template in Adobe "pdf" format (16KB) or as a Microsoft Word document (38KB).

We need your photos. The higher the resolution the better. With higher resolution files, we can make your car look better. (We'll crop or slightly rotate photos, correct colors, etc.) We can work with all digital file types ("jpg" strongly preferred), and even old fashioned media (e.g. prints.) Please make sure to include any information that will help us categorize, caption or credit your photos correctly.

Please see below for additional tips and suggestions! Thank you very much for your help.

Curtis Jacobson
(editor & webmaster)

Notice: for new additions to our Photo Gallery sections, we now require a minimum of six (6) good clear photos per car. We expect to see a variety of views including photos of the engine and of the interior trim. We also need to know enough to properly index your car. The best way to get that information to us is to use the How It Was Done form.

Top Ten Tips for Submitting Digital Photos to BritishV8 Magazine

1) Please send the highest resolution - largest file size - versions available.
  40KB per JPG photo is always too small. 150KB is usually good. 1MB per JPG photo is much better.
  Photos of red cars require higher resolution to look their best.
2) Submit lots of photos!
3) Please don't edit, crop or downsize photos before you send them. Trust us to make photos look their best.
  Unless you have a "vanity plate", we'll take care of altering your license/registration plate for you.
4) We strongly prefer wide ("landscape") over tall ("portrait"). Most photos on our website are displayed
  600 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall. Some photos are displayed 600 by 400. We avoid using other sizes.
5) Please DON'T superimpose captions on top of images.
6) If your camera has an option to superimpose a date label onto pictures, please turn that feature OFF.
7) Please don't insert photos into a Word document! They come through much better as individual files.
8) Please tell us what the photo shows, if it isn't obvious.
9) Don't send us any photo that belongs to someone else! We can't use copyrighted photos without permission.
  We won't use any photo that has a visible watermark, including specifically eBay's "camera" watermark.
  We also won't use any photo that includes the name or logo of any other magazine or automotive website.
10) Don't hesitate to send photos of people having fun with their cars. We can't get enough of those.

You probably take pride in how your car looks... Well, we take pride in how this website looks. Please follow all these photo submission tips so we can all be satisfied with how cars are presented on BritishV8.

Top Ten Tips for Taking Better Digital Photos of Cars

1) Take lots of photos! You can cull them later.
2) Take your photos at the highest resolution your camera will permit. If you need a bigger memory card
  because yours keeps filling up, buy another card. Memory is cheap and getting cheaper all the time.
3) The best photos are taken outdoors on overcast days. Bright sunlight is usually way too harsh. Artificial
  light tends to produce odd colors and peculiar shadows. If in doubt, more light is usually a good idea.
  Your camera's built-in flash is probably a bad idea; it's harsh and it will kill background details.
4) Your car will probably look better at a local park than it looks in your driveway... and honestly,
  we really don't care to see your other cars, your neighbor's house, etc.
5) For glamour shots, most people stand way too close to their car. Stand further back! While you're at it,
  consider kneeling. Cars often look their best when photographed from a lower viewpoint. Try it.
6) For detail shots, most people don't stand close enough to their car. Put your camera where it needs to
  be to capture the little details you're trying to show. (Note: for still photography, an LCD display
  is certainly preferable to a viewfinder window because your eye is too high and too far away.)
7) We recommend taking a general shot (e.g. an overall engine bay photo) and then taking close-up photos
  of all the interesting details within that first frame.
8) If something is mentioned on your How It Was Done template, we'd probably enjoy seeing a photo of it.
9) The steadier you hold your camera, the better. Brace yourself against something solid.
10) Buy a used Canon G12 on eBay. Its tilting/swiveling LCD will empower you to put the camera exactly
  where it needs be to be for amazing close-up photos of details. (Remember: we love details!)

Editorial and photographic submissions to BritishV8 are welcome, and should be mailed to BritishV8 Editor, 9844 Jersey Street, Portland OR 97203, U.S.A. or e-mailed to webmaster@britishv8.org. BritishV8 assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged materials. Materials accepted are subject to such revisions as required to meet the needs of this publication. All materials accepted become the property of BritishV8, and we will reserve the right to reprint or republish accepted materials. Unless otherwise specified, all correspondence will be considered for publication.

What if you sell your car? Because part of our objective is to build a historical record, we neither remove nor rename photos or articles in the event of a change of car ownership. Revision or amendment of articles may be possible, at our sole discretion.

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