RMO699F - MGC GTS at Sebring

The 2001 MG V-8 Conversion Convention - Sebring Florida

Sponsored by this newsletter, and organized by Don Rausch, the fifth annual British V8 Convention was held March 4-7, in Sebring, FL. Approximately 25 British engine-swappers participated, plus three (factory-equipped) TR8s and two Morgans! Festivities included track time at Sebring International Speedway, tech sessions, vendor displays, and a plethora of social activities. Attendees also enjoyed meeting racing great Bob Tullius of Group 44 fame, touring his hangar of vintage Jaguar and Triumph race cars, and having him as guest-of-honor at the meeting banquet.

We're grateful to Les Shockey and Ian Pender for their photos from the meet!

Dave somebody from New Jersey

    Ian Pender (a Glen Towery conversion)

Sebring was the site of many great endurance races in the 50's and 60's. The MGC GTS (top of page) raced to a tenth-overall finish in the 1968 race, driven by Hopkirk and Hedges. At left, an MGB-GT with flared fenders recalls the muscular look of this classic (and other great GT cars of the era, such as Aston Martin's DB4-GT). Ian Pender's "Eight Up" is shown at right.

Bob McClain's 69 Morgan Plus 8 with original alloy wheels?


Pat Dempsey?

    Robert McLain?


    Al and Patty Wulf

Jim Stuart

    Al Wulf

Rick Ingram leads Jim Stuart



    well, that's Carl Floyd in the middle...

    Ted Lathrop's TR6



space shuttle lifts off

    Shockeys, Lathrops, Masters and... can you help me?

?, Les Shockey, Steve Carrick, ?

?, Dave ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, Rick Ingram

Jim Stuart, Carl Floyd, Bob McLain?, Richard Moor

?, Al Wulf, Pat Dempsey?, ?

Michael Perkins' Triumph TR8 coupe (white) and Rick James' TR7/8 (metallic blue) (Driven by Tim and Tina Lanocha)

who owns the blue MGB roadster?

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