British V8 2007 Valve Cover Racing - Results

British V8 2007 Valve Cover Race Results

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 2, September 2007

In the history of racing there have been few results as clear as our first ever British V8 Valve Cover Races. On the one hand, we witnessed the triumphant spectacle of stunning and complete technical domination. On the other hand we heard the humiliated and sickening silence of those who arrived unprepared, followed by excuses and lame accusations. (Only one car entered.)

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Who will rise to the challenge next year?
Despite bold Oldsmobile marketing, this year's winner wasn't really rocket powered... Gentlemen, this ain't rocket science!
A respectable valve cover racer can be built in one afternoon. Alternatively, extraordinarily "open" rules encourage innovation. You've got most of a year to scheme-up and implement something bold. Why not go overboard with this? It'll be fun!

The Retro Rocket
"The Retro Rocket" electrified spectators with its flashing red (LED illuminated) transparent front wheels!

2007 Champion
Builder Engine Weight Wheelbase Ft Track Rr Track Ft Whl Dia Rr Whl Dia
Curtis Jacobson 53 Olds "Rocket 88"12 lbs 16.5" 7.25" 0.25" 3.8" 3.75"

Rules for British V8's Valve Cover Races

(other clubs will differ)

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Photos by Curtis Jacobson and Brian Kraus (autocross background) for The British V8 Newsletter. All rights reserved.

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