2000 MG V-8 Meet  -  Westlake Ohio  -  September 7-9

The fourth annual get-together for enthusiasts of British Sports Cars to exchange information and techniques about installing higher-performance engines and related modifications.

Attendees, and Their Cars:     (photographs by Kurt Beidler)

MG V-8 Newsletter display table     Kurt Schley's MGB V8
Jim Stuart's MGB GT V-8    
Dave Michel's Costello V8     Bill Yobi
Kieran Anderson    
    Bob Samyn's 1959 MGA with Chevy 355cid V-8
Ted Lathrops TR6 V-8    
Bill Jacobson's MGB V-8    
Mikel Moor's MGB with Buick 300 V-8    
Jenson Healey    
Steve Carrick's MGB with Ford V-8    
    Dale Spooner's MG V-8
Glen Towery's MG V-8     Glen Towery's MGB V-8
Bill Jacobson's     Bill Jacobson's
Bill Jacobson's     Bill Jacobson's
Dan Lagrou    

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