MG-V8 Convention 1999

MG-V8 Convention 1999 - Champagne Illinois - May 26-28

Sponsored by this newsletter, the third annual MGV8 convention was held in conjunction with the eighth British Car Festival, and was a rousing success! Over a dozen cars in attendance, with tech sessions, bull sessions, parts vendors, an auto-cross, and 1/4 mile drag strip runs -- there was something to please everyone.

Event Report:


Wednesday evening was given over to early registration and a renewal of old acquaintances, as the MGV8ers gathered in the hospitality room to swap lies, tell stories, and exchange information on V8 conversions.


Thursday morning, after a welcoming meeting and a tech session by Kurt Schley, we all gathered in the parking lot for a "show and tell," as the owners gave a description of their car, and answered questions about it. Dave Michel and Rick Ingram video-taped the show-and-tell sessions, and made copies of the video available to register members. The video also included the tech sessions given by Dan Lagrou, Ted Schumacher, and Glen Towery, and has footage of the autocross as well.

Thursday afternoon was the big event - a caravan to the local Air Force base, where an autocross course had been laid out, and a runway marked off for a 1/4 mile drag race. The autocross course was, as would be expected, a timed event, while the drag race was a speed event. The local Gendarmes were there with radar and laser guns to time the cars as they sped past the 1/4 mile mark. Timing gear was not available to time the runs. Each participant had the opportunity to make as many runs through each event as they desired.

The auto-cross course was laid out by local auto-cross champion Barney Gaylord, ably assisted by MG fanatic Mark Ingram and Triumphisti Greg Pretolati. Barney made the first run, showing the rest of the crowd the proper line through the course. For the most part, the street prepared MGV8s, running street tires, were no match for Barney's autocross prepared MGA on racing tires, but it soon became apparent that a challenge had been issued. The rallying cry for the V8ers became "Beat Barney! Beat Barney!"  Bill Yobi, after a heroic effort, just managed to squeak by and best Barney by a mere 0.001 second! Tim Duhamel trailed Barney by just 0.209 seconds for third place. Longest time of the day was turned in by our fearless leader Kurt Schley when his car stalled on the course. He still managed a restart and a very respectable time of 1:18.046! The lone Triumph participating, a TR4 driven by Greg Petrolati, ran a best time of 33.283.

After the autocross, we moved over to the drag strip for speed runs. Top speed of the day was turned in by Dale Spooner in his Ford 302 powered B, with a run of 102 mph. This is with an automatic transmission and a 2.79:1 rear axle! Imagine the speeds he could have turned with an axle ratio better suited for drag racing! Speeds for the other MGV8s ranged from a low of 82 to a high of 94 mph (Glen Towery and Bill Yobi tied for second place). The lone Triumph, a TR6 driven by Dan Masters, turned in two back to back runs of 73 mph, matching speeds obtained by road testers when the cars were new. The four cylinder MGs, as one would expect, were a bit slower, Barney's MGA running 66mph, and Carl Floyd in his stock MGB running a 65. Thursday evening, it was back to the motel for a fresh-up, and then we were of to an ancient roadhouse, the Moon Glo, for dinner. In existence since the 30s, the Moon Glo has a unique atmosphere, fitting to the occasion. Burgers were the specialty, but "cook-it-yourself" steaks were an option, one that many conventioneers chose. It takes two hands to handle a whopper? Nothing compared to what it took to handle one of those gargantuan slabs of beef! Back to the motel, where the camaraderie and BS continued on into the night.


Friday morning found the participants back in the parking lot for more show-and-tell, as the V8 owners who hadn't presented their cars on Thursday got their chance. The vendors made technical presentations, and also gave out information about their wares, displaying a mouth watering array of parts and pieces all designed to make the life of the MGV8 swapper a little bit easier, and their cars a little bit faster.

By late Friday afternoon, the participants in the Eighth British Car Festival began showing up, and it was hard to tell who was who. Many of the early arrivals took part in the last of the V8 activities, while many of the V8ers were also attending the festival.

V8 Conversions in Attendance:

BILL YOBI, Canfield, OH
1979 MGB
ENGINE:   1962 Olds 215
MODIFICATIONS:   TRW 10.4:1 forged pistons, larger valves/ported head, Isky 272 cam, balanced, Carter 500cfm (stock manifold), MSD 6AL ignition, baffled oil pan, oil cooler w/ thermostat
COOLING:   B-cool aluminum radiator, Spal fan, coolflex hoses
TRANSMISSION:   Rover 5-speed
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Rover, lightened flywheel
REAR END:   stock MGB
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock MGB, Mintex pads
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   1" lower springs, Delron bushes, Spax shocks, 7/8" sway bar, negative-camber A-arms
SUSPENSION - REAR:   lowering blocks, Delron bushes, Spax shocks, factory sway bar
WHEELS/TIRES:   15 X 5.5 Minilite replicas (knock-offs), Bridgestone RE71 195/60
EXHAUST:   stainless block hugger headers, custom dual Turbo Flow mufflers, Monza resonator tips
INSTRUMENTS:   stock and VDO
SPECIAL FEATURES:   paint (candy apple red metallic), Fiero leather seats w/ speakers, back seat for kids, functional hood scoop, gas struts hood and trunk

    Bill Yobi's '79 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

1979 MGB
ENGINE:   3.9L Rover
MODIFICATIONS:   Crower cam, Edelbrock intake manifold, Carter 500
COOLING:   MGB rad w/tanks reversed, 4-row extended Super-Cool core
TRANSMISSION:   Rover 5-speed
REAR END:   Ford 8", 3.0:1 gears
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock MGB, fresh
BRAKES - REAR:   stock MGB, fresh
WHEELS/TIRES:   Minilites w/Michelin SR185-14
EXHAUST:   2 1/2" single exhaust, Walker Dynomax
INSTRUMENTS:   stock MGB (modified tach)
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Fiero seats (Mr. Mike's leather), speakers in headrest

    Bernie Posey's '79 MGB with Rover 3.9L V8

JEFF FOOTE, Olmstead Falls, OH
1977 MGB
ENGINE:   3.9L Rover
MODIFICATIONS:   Crower cam, Edelbrock intake manifold, Carter 500cfm carburetor, Crane ignition
COOLING:   4-core Super Cool, 2 1/2"
TRANSMISSION:   Rover 5-speed
REAR END:   stock 3.9 MGB
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - REAR:   fresh, traction bars
WHEELS/TIRES:   Alloys, 185 14 Michelin
EXHAUST:   1 1/2" tube headers into single pipe, 2 1/2" Dynomax muffler
INSTRUMENTS:   stock MGB (modified tach)

    Jeff Foote's '77 MGB with Rover 3.9L V8

JIM STUART, Montgomery Village, MD
1974 1/2 MGBGT
ENGINE:   1995 4.2L Rover
MODIFICATIONS:   Buick front cover, Erson cam & lifters, double row timing chain, Mallory magnetic ignition, D&D swivel filter mount, Vega starter w/D&D nose, Carter 500cfm carburetor, Buick 215 intake
COOLING:   Custom core, 1977 MGB top and bottom tanks, +4" in length, 2700cfm electric fan
TRANSMISSION:   T-5 (0.63:1 5th), Hurst shifter
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Buick 215 bellhousing, GM 10.5" clutch/pressure plate, McLeod hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   Towery 8" Ford center w/MGB ends (3.5:1)
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   chrome-bumper crossmember, springs, etc, M&G International 5/8" sway bar
SUSPENSION - REAR:   stock with 1 1/2" lowering blocks, M&G International 5/8" sway bar
WHEELS/TIRES:   195/65/15 Yoko Avid, 15x6 wheels
EXHAUST:   stainless for MGBV8 - Falcon
INSTRUMENTS:   VDO electric speedo, tach, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, voltmeter, clock
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Remote electric hatch & door locks, sunroof, Fiero seats, Vintageair heat/defrost/air conditioning, converted to chrome bumpers

    Jim Stuart's '74.5 MGBGT with Rover 4.2L V8

1977 MGB
ENGINE:   Ford 302ci V8
MODIFICATIONS:   9.6:1 compression, ported aluminum heads, Edelbrock carb & intake, balanced, 315 HP @ 5,200rpm, 335 lbft torque @ 4,400rpm
COOLING:   Griffith aluminum radiator, Moroso pump
TRANSMISSION:   C-4 automatic
REAR END:   8" Ford (2.79:1) center with MGB ends
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   gas shocks, uprated springs
SUSPENSION - REAR:   gas shocks
WHEELS/TIRES:   Minilite replicas
EXHAUST:   home-made ceramic coated headers, 2" dual stainless pipes
INSTRUMENTS:   Autometer tach & speedo

    Dale Spooner's '77 MGB with Ford 302 V8

KURT SCHLEY, Rocky River, Ohio
1974 MGB
ENGINE:   1962 Olds 215
MODIFICATIONS:   dual Rochester 2bbl 2GC carbs (0.052 jets), Offenhouser manifold, Crower 287 cam, hi-perf lifters/springs, Olds high-comp heads, double roller timing chain, Buick "metric" oil pump, MSD 6 AL ignition, Edelbrock valve covers, Delco 40A alternator
COOLING:   stock 1977 MGB radiator, (high cooling point is in top hose,) mechanical fan (with cut-down blades) + stock 1977 MGB electric fans, vented inner fenders
TRANSMISSION:   T5 5-speed from V8 Trans-Am (0.73:1)
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Buick/Olds 215 4-speed bellhousing, 10.4" Camaro clutch, TR8 flywheel, 10" pressure plate, Weber hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   stock 3.9:1 MGB (2500 rpm @ 70 mph/5th gear)
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock with TR8 pads
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   Monroe tube shocks, V8 bushings, 7/8" Adco sway bar in urethane bushings
SUSPENSION - REAR:   Corvette air shocks, traction bars, Panhard rod
WHEELS/TIRES:   Prime 225/50 Continentals
EXHAUST:   Buick 300 manifolds, custom smoothbore stainless flexible hose w/ two wraps of heat resistant Kevlar cloth, then stainless braid, twin turbo mufflers
SPECIAL FEATURES:   trunk-mtd battery, roll bar, oil filter behind passenger headlight, custom stainless overflow tank

    Kurt Schley's '74 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

1972 MGBGT
ENGINE:   Rover V8
MODIFICATIONS:   stroked to 265 cid, TR8 heads, Carter 500 cfm carburetor
COOLING:   stock
TRANSMISSION:   Rover 5-speed
REAR END:   Ford 8" w/2.79:1 gears
BRAKES - REAR:   stock Ford
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   adjustable lowered front
SUSPENSION - REAR:   4 link, coil-overs, Panhard rod
WHEELS/TIRES:   215/60-14 rear, 185/60-14 front
EXHAUST:   custon dual - one side
SPECIAL FEATURES:   4 link rear suspension, front wiring, new terminal box, base/clear coat paint (mega body work)

    Wayne Clark's '72 MGB with 215 V8

ENGINE: Rover V8

    Glen Towery's MGBGT

1979 MGB
ENGINE:   1962 Olds 215
MODIFICATIONS:   total rebuild, machined to 0.030" overbore, 10/10 crankshaft, stock cam, rebuilt heads, new rocker shafts, valves, springs, retainers, etc, 10.24:1 compression
COOLING:   stock radiator with enlarged core, inlet and outlet
TRANSMISSION:   BW T5 5-speed with 0.63:1 fifth gear
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Weber hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   stock MGB
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock, newly rebuilt
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
WHEELS/TIRES:   195/70HR14, aftermarket mags
EXHAUST:   custom dual exhaust. headers from California Direct
INSTRUMENTS:   VDO tach, no working speedo
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Melling Engineering high volume oil pickup, modified oil filter assembly & starter nose by D&D, H.P. coil, 78A Delco alternator, Edelbrock AFB 500cfm carburetor

    Mike Engleton's '79 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

1978 MGB
ENGINE:   1964 Buick 300, 4bbl high compression model
MODIFICATIONS:   Carter 500 cfm carburetor, Crower cam & lifters, double roller timing chain, high volume oil pump, Pertronix ignition
COOLING:   cross-flow Griffith aluminum
TRANSMISSION:   1988 Camaro V6 T5
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   231 Buick V6, bolts to 300 block, 10.5" Borg&Beck clutch
REAR END:   1979 Monza Spyder. 2.93:1/posi (narrowed)
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock with SS hoses, TR8 pads
BRAKES - REAR:   '82 Trans-Am discs, hydraulic parking brake
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   V8 bushings, 7/8" sway bar with urethane bushings
SUSPENSION - REAR:   tube shocks, urethane sway bar bushings
WHEELS/TIRES:   Prime (4-bolt front, 5-bolt rear)
EXHAUST:   MG V8 tube manifold, Jet-Hot coated, custom dual exiting same side
INSTRUMENTS:   Stewart-Warner in mahogany dash inlay
SPECIAL FEATURES:   louvers in hood for heat extraction, RV8-style hood bulges. Welded & filled body seams, back-up lights, side marker lights, & locks. Power antenna. Chromed windshield frame. Chrome-bumper conversion. Interior in dove grey, Fiero seats (headrest speakers)

    Mikel Moor's '78 MGB with Buick 300 V8

TIM DUHAMEL, Somerville, MA
1979 MGB
ENGINE:   1962 Buick 215
MODIFICATIONS:   Crower cam & dual valve springs, silicon-bronze valve guides with teflon oil seals, Kenne-Bell high volume oil pump, Holley 4160 390cfm carburetor, Offenhauser JWR dual port intake manifold, Mallory Unilite distributor, Allison Red coil
TRANSMISSION:   T5 5-speed w/ Hurst shifter
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Centerforce 10.5", Weber hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   stock MGB with 3.9:1 ratio
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   chrome bumper crossmember, late model steering rack with modified steering arms, 1" lowered springs, Spax adjustable tube shocks, MGB V8 A-arm bushings, Adco 7/8" sway bar
SUSPENSION - REAR:   MGB lowered springs w/ polyurethane bushings, Spax adjustable tube shocks, Adco 3/4" sway bar
WHEELS/TIRES:   Enkie 14 x 7, Cooper Viper 205/60HR14

    Tim Duhamel's '79 MGB with Buick 215 V8

1980 MGB
ENGINE:   215 Buick
COOLING:   MGB modified
WHEELS/TIRES:   Mitsubishi wheels, Goodyear tires
EXHAUST:   Dual to single
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Mallard green paint, rubber bumper/chrome grill, special rear light treatment, black lower side panels

    Wayne and Jan Peterson's '80 MGB with Buick 215 V8

List of Attendees:

(Attendees whose name is underlined drove a V8 conversion to the meet.)

Ken Bierman, Des Peres, MO Max Furton, Morrisville, PA Kurt Schley, Rocky River, OH
Steve Carrick, Grand Rapids, MI     Tom Hitch, Indianapolis, IN Ted Schumacher, Pandora, OH
Bill Casper, La Grange, MO Dan Lagrou, Almont, MI Alan Smith, College Park, GA
Wayne Clark, Syracuse, NY Dan Masters, Alcoa, TN Dale Spooner, Williston, VT
Tim Duhamel, Somerville, MA Dave Michel, Alexandria, VA Jim Stuart, Montgomery Village, MD
Mike Engleton, Munster, IN Mikel & Terri Moor, Angola, IN Glen Towery, Cheswald, DE
Carl Floyd, Kingsport, TN Wayne & Jan Peterson, Topeka, KS     Allen & Patty Wulf, Wheatridge, CO
Jeff Foote, Olmstead Falls, OH Bernie Posey, Elyria, OH Bill Yobi, Canfield, OH
Robert Franzen, Stevensville, MI Jack Renaud, Dearborn, MI YOUR name should've been here!

Autocross Results: (seconds)

OWNER CAR/ENGINE 1st run 2nd run 3rd run 4th run 5th run 6th run 7th run 8th run 9th run 10th run
BILL YOBI MGB/Olds 215 oc 33.0 34.072 32.427 32.092 30.811 49.479
30.516 31.279 30.317 30.540
BARNEY GAYLORD MGA/MGA 31.529 30.318 31.238 31.675            
TIM DUHAMEL MGB/Buick 215 35.659 33.117 32.533 32.055 31.584 32.327 31.251 30.527    
MAX FULTON ???/??? 33.849 35.445 35.708 31.404 31.850 32.763        
GLEN TOWERY MGBGT/215 oc 34.9 33.653 31.659 32.054 32.360 32.787        
KURT SCHLEY MGB/OLDS 215 oc 38.2 34.732 33.069 33.841 78.046 32.684 33.739      
CARL FLOYD MGB/MGB 35.031 33.970 32.753              
JIM ORR ???/??? oc 28.6 oc 39.8 oc 35.6 32.837 33.146          
MIKEL MOOR MGB/OLDS 215 oc 33.8 35.282 34.370              
JIM STUART MGBGT/ROVER 4.2 oc 1:01 38.147 34.507              
GREG PETROLATI TRIUMPH TR4/TR4 33.525 33.283 33.822

Quarter Mile: (mph)

OWNER CAR/ENGINE 1st run 2nd run 3rd run 4th run 5th run 6th run 7th run
DALE SPOONER MGB/FORD 302 100 102 95 *        
BILL YOBI MGB/OLDS 215 92 94 90 93      
GLEN TOWERY MGB/??? 93 94 89 91 92 91 94
JIM STUART MGBGT/ROVER 4.2 90 88 92        
MIKEL MOOR MGB/BUICK 300 90 90 91 88      
JIM ORR ???/??? 82 87          
BERNIE POSEY MGB/ROVER 3.9 87 84          
KURT SCHLEY MGB/OLDS 215 83 82          
DAN MASTERS TRIUMPH TR6/TR6 73 73          
BARNEY GAYLORD MGA/MGA 66 65          
CARL FLOYD MGB/MGB 65            
* Driven by Carl Floyd, who was being very careful with someone else's car!

Meet Organizer:     Rick Ingram, St. Joseph, IL

The Newsletter would like to express a hearty THANK YOU to Rick and the other members of the Champagne British Car Festival team for their great efforts in making this meet a resounding success.

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