1980 MGB with Buick 215cid V8 (owner: Bill Oliver)
1980 MGB with Buick 215cid V8 (owner: Bill Oliver)

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In June 1993, writing a "From the Editor" column in the first-ever issue of the new "MG V-8 Newsletter", Kurt Schley explained "I have been actively seeking any and all information about the conversion and the 215 engine. This search has almost become a second hobby... The idea for the newsletter was born when a conversion owner mentioned that it would be nice if there were some way that MGB V8 owners could communicate among one another and share their experience and tips."

Acting on that bold and wonderful initiative, Kurt proceeded to edit and publish seventeen issues of his newsletter, handling essentially all early research, writing and promotion. He was also instrumental in organizing successful early meetings of V8 re-engined British sports cars. Although Kurt handed over editorial and publishing responsibility for the newsletter in 2001, he continued generously and actively building the knowledge base for our hobby through quality research and writing.

In May 2001 Kurt handed-off the proverbial football so another man could run with it. Under the direction of Dan Masters, the newsletter became more obviously inclusive and much more colorful. Renamed the "British V8 Newsletter", V6 engines, Ford V8 engines, and Triumph sports cars that had all been welcome from the start became much more prominent both within the newsletter's pages and among its readership.

Running a high-quality, content-heavy, small-circulation newsletter is very tough work. Dan deserves great praise for growing the newsletter through eight issues. Like Kurt, Dan has proven his leadership and initiative in other ways too: like organizing the marvelously successful 2003 and 2006 British-V8 meets.

In January 2004 editorial and publishing responsibilities transferred to James Jewell. Under James's leadership the newsletter continued and grew some more, but once again the arduous work of managing subscription lists, printing schedules, and mass mailings (on top of editorial and writing responsibilities) proved a heavy and tiresome burden. James published seven great newsletter issues.

In April 2006 editorial responsibility transferred once again, this time to Curtis Jacobson. Curtis brings a long-term interest and experience with British cars. His own MGB V8 conversion ('71 BGT, Buick 215, T5, 8.8 axle) was registered in 1992 and has seen countless modifications and improvements over twenty years of spirited driving. Curtis accepted the hand-off with a challenge to transform "British V8" from a printed paper newsletter to an online magazine, to make it FREE for all readers, to dramatically increase readership, and to make it EFFECTIVE for advertisers.

As of February 2013, BritishV8 serves about 3500 unique website visitors every single day. Over 3400 opt-in subscribers receive e-mail notification of new editions. 2800 registered users have placed 35,000 messages concerning 4000 different message topics on our state-of-the-art message board. The magazine and website are primarily funded by forty paid advertisers.

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