the editor's MGB GT V8 conversion
(the editor's MGB GT V8 conversion)

In The Driver's Seat   (Volume XVIII Issue 1, January - December 2010)

by: Curtis Jacobson

You're reading the one and only car magazine - online or otherwise - that's focused on serious performance upgrades for classic British sports cars. We also feature British cars that originally came with V8 engines. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of quality content: entertaining, educational, technical, and inspirational. Other websites and magazines "sell the sizzle", but we serve the whole steak. We use as many large, close-up photos as it takes to tell each story completely.

I've explained in previous "Driver's Seat" columns that bundling articles together into periodic editions actually makes a lot more sense for printed publications than it does for a huge, free, online resource. A redesign of BritishV8 might facilitate releasing articles all throughout the year. Actually, we've been uploading How It Was Done articles throughout the year already. The problem is that they're not individually announced on our homepage, so casual visitors don't see how dynamic the BritishV8 website is. We don't need a massive redesign, but we do need a more dynamic homepage! I haven't found time to implement a homepage facelift yet, so instead I'm announcing yet another oversized bundle of articles that's far too large for anyone to read and digest in one sitting: 59 articles featuring 2135 color photos!

BritishV8 2011                           May 15 - 18                           Townsend, Tennessee

The fifteenth annual British V8 meet will be held in and around Townsend, Tennessee from Sunday May 15th through Wednesday May 18th. Former BritishV8 Editor Dan Masters will be hosting this year's meet. Dan formerly hosted the 2003 and 2006 meets, and I can testify that Dan throws a great party! With this meet scheduled in May, we're assured very comfortable weather. "The peaceful side of the smokies" is always a gorgeous place to visit. Townsend is practically walking distance to Deal's Gap and one of the most famously twisty sportscar and motorcycle roads anywhere: the "Tail of the Dragon". You're invited to come join us regardless of what vehicle you bring. Your family is invited too!

For additional details about the meet including registration forms, please visit The BritishV8 Meetings Page. I'd also recommend keeping an eye on the BritishV8 Pub section of our message board where you'll find banter about the meet as our regulars grow increasingly excited.

BritishV8 Regalia

T-shirts have been sold at our annual meets since forever, but the website and message board community never had a shirt design of our own... until Spring of 2010. The first ever BritishV8 website T-shirt design was inspired by the traditional skull-and-crossbones flag: the Jolly Roger. As instagator, I wanted a truly brash design of white ink silkscreened ruthlessly across basic black. No finely detailed and tasteful embroidery. Instead, I wanted big letters on both sides, and a tagline to make people take notice: "Improved British Sportscars". While sourcing the pirate shirt, I discovered Forest Green Heather as a T-shirt color. Both nifty and distinctive, it manages to evoke British Racing Green without being all that dark. Both colors of first-generation BritishV8 T-shirts promptly sold out.

For 2011, a new limited edition T-shirt design will be offered. Actually, it's already been designed. Click the banner ad below for information, and then order quickly! When they're gone, they'll be gone forever.

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The Message Board

BritishV8's message board now has over 1900 activated memberships. As of this moment, 865 different members have posted a total of 20,840 messages, spread over 2491 message topics.

Here's a tip for new or only-occasional visitors: the "Project Journals" section seems very quiet, but hidden from view a storm is gathering! In this section, the "reply" option has been turned off but unlimited editing of posts is encouraged. Among the advantages of this unique approach is that it's evidently attractive to very ambitious, creative, and highly-skilled builders. I'm in awe of some of the projects currently underway. Check it out!

BritishV8 is a Volunteer Effort

BritishV8 Magazine and website represent the work of many people. Please take a moment to reflect on all the folks who've contributed articles, photos, and information. The website couldn't thrive without them. Many thanks are also due to all the financial supporters who have voluntarily chipped in funds to help us keep meet expenses. If it weren't for their support, we'd certainly have to sell subscriptions. (Selling subscriptions would severely limit our ability to reach new enthusiasts, and it would reduce the exposure our advertisers need to succeed. Besides, keeping track of subscriptions and renewals is a pain.)

A full and up-to-date listing of our financial supporters can always be found here: V.I.P. Contributor List.

Enjoying this online magazine? BritishV8 is funded through the generous support of readers like you!
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Please Call Our Vendor Sponsors!

The biggest portion of BritishV8's operating budget comes from vendor ads. Our vendor sponsors are businessmen, and they NEED to KNOW which advertising investments are returning meaningful exposure and building good will. They'll believe it when they hear it from customers like you. Please take a moment NOW to thank them for their support of BritishV8! Better yet, mention BritishV8 whenever you make purchases.

Tip: every single one of our banner-ad advertisers is friendly, knowledgeable, and will help you with anything they can. Our BritishV8 advertisers are also continuously developing and introducing new products and services. It's remarkable to me how much of their best stuff isn't specifically advertised anywhere. Call them! Ask questions! Here's the contact info you need: BritishV8's Handy Vendor Directory.

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Are all your favorite businesses listed in our directory? If not, perhaps you could help us call and let them know they're missing out on a brilliant opportunity.



Advance Auto Wire

BMC British Automobile LLC: MGB V6 conversions and the parts so you can do them yourself.

Classic Conversions Engineering: MGB V6 specialists, including kits, plus MGB chassis upgrades.

Conversions and suspensions / fabrications and design / mild to wild!

Executive Touch

Fast Cars Inc.: British sports car chassis and handling. Conversions, modifications and brakes.

Jule Enterprises: World leading builder of Austin Healey frames, they offer full-service restoration too!

Moss Motors provides performance and restoration parts for MG, Triumph, and other British sports cars

Roadtronics Automotive Technologies: (aka: RATCO) Triumph frames & performance chassis upgrades.

Targett MotorSport: Performance & racing: engine, tranny, wheels, brakes, handling & more.

Weldone Inc. design and fabrication services by James Bowler


Are you in the British sports car performance trade?  You should be listed here too!  (Here's info about advertising.)

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