Jim VanAlstyne's 1971 Spitfire IV, powered by a 2.8L Chevy V6

Jim VanAlstyne's 1971 Spitfire IV, powered by a 2.8L Chevy V6

(as recorded by Dan Masters)

Jim wrote:

"I have two identical 71 Spitfires. Well, almost. One is completely stock, and one has the V-6 with a 3 speed auto behind it. The tunnel for the auto is actually smaller than original. From the outside it is impossible to tell what is under the hood. Everything was a tight fit. The hood misses the low profile breather and the rad by less than 1/2 inch. The motor is just stock, cleaned up nice and purdy like! Both cars were stripped to the bare body and frame and built back up from there. There were very few frame mods to fit the V-6. I welded a pad for engine mounts on each shock tower, that's it. I couldn't use the stock fuel pump, so an electric one does the job. The rad was tilted for clearance also. A front wheel drive water pump keeps the engine as short as possible. More frame mods were needed for the trans. I had to notch the frame and the pan of the trans to fit. There is a stiffener plate bolted to the bottom of the frame under the trans as well. All in all it is a very clean installation!"

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