Jerry Porsch's Modified 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

Jerry Porsch's 371cid Ford V8 Powered 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIV Issue 3, December 2006

Owner: Jerry Porsch
City: Albuquerque, NM
Model: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger
Engine: Ford V8

Engine: 371cid motor from World Products ("Man O War"), featuring Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum heads, Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold, and roller lifters. The engine is plate mounted. It has a 2 stage NOS kit rated at 175hp on the plate and a 175 fogger.
Drivetrain: The transmission was a modified C4 automatic with 4500 stall, matched to an 8 3/4" Dodge rear-end with a 3.77:1 gear and a spool... but after breaking several transmissions, the was converted to use a Chevy Powerglide transmission.
Wheels/Tires: I've changed the rims to 15" Weld Rodlites. Tires are 26x1050 M/T ET streets on the rear and skinny's on the front.
Suspension: Custom-made adjustable traction bars...
Weight: 2912 pounds without the hard top and NOS bottle. A little over 3000 pounds in race trim.
Performance: So far the best ET has been 9:93 at 141mph with a 175shot of NOS, 11:09 on motor, this was done in Phoenix at the Fun Ford event, we were runner up in the True Street, and we won the bracket race.
(Update: as of 2/2/2007, Jerry reports that the car now runs 9.90's at 142.)
Comments: I've owned it for 36 years now, the car was a 260cid Tiger and it has had about 15 different motors. This year's winter project will include fitting a custom set of 2" Hooker headers, and maybe a new tubular front member.

Twin Turbocharged!

new engine photo
In early 2008 Jerry updated his Tiger with twin turbochargers...

rear mounted turbochargers
The turbochargers were mounted where they'd fit, back near the rear axle.

Earlier incarnation: Nitrous Oxide Injection

Ford V8

Nitrous injection

NOS injection

Edelbrock Nitrous tank


Sunbeam Tiger roll hoop

New Racing Seats
(New seats added April 2007.)


This may be the world's quickest Sunbeam Tiger.

Nitrous injection

Mickey Thompson racing slicks

winner's checks

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