A BritishV8 Crossword Puzzle!

as published in BritishV8 Magazine, Volume XVIII Issue 1, December 2010

by: Greg Myer

A BritishV8 Crossword Puzzle!

1Frequent recipient of a V8 swap 1Before changing rear gear ratios, do the _______
4Eric Broadley's race car 2Type of plane from the '30s. (The Shadow had one!)
8Lower the roof 3Liquid tool needed to install a big block into 1 Across
12"Yes" at sea 4Engine measurement?
13What most V8's are made of 5Small block _______ big block?
14Flare source 6Tosses
15How many cylinders 1967 SAAB Sonett has in Italy7Bolt attachment or British V8'er
16Nono 8AC Ace with a V8
17British trunk 9Medical Ins.
18With 48 across - what we all want more of 10Out of gas?
20To mix nitromethane with methanol:
_______ don't shake!
11Stop for gas
22Before 19Drove fast
24Marx Bros. movie "A Day at the _______" 21Road rage
38Info on a VIN plate 23A 24 hour race might be considered this
31What the lead car sets 25How to put a big block in 1 Across?
34With 56 down - Popular rusty vehicle 26Tell me about your swap, I'm all _______
35One word to describe British V8'ers 27Greek Portico
36Something for old age 28What shocks do to bumps
37Score if your British V8 collides with a Semi.
Truck 1: _______
29British Aircraft manufacturer that just happened
to build a flying saucer car in Canada
38Power Products supplier from Florida 30Layer
39He tops the cake 32Is plural
40Sanctioning body for ALMS 33Fuel mixer
41Air/Fuel passages 39Chevy powered Italian sports car of the '60s
43British motorcycle 42Sunbeam's V8 car
45The least bit 44Wire wheel part
48See 18 across 46_______ of the Dragon
52Coefficient of note 47Unjamable radar
5552 across affects this 49How we like our tires
57Weber downdraft 50Swirl
58What oil does from many British cars 51What a bearing runs on
59That car isn't great, but it _______ 52Slow car
60Dewey Decimal Classification 53Fish eggs
61Many British V8'ers like to select this 54Containing nitrogen in place of carbon
62To load heavily 56See 34 Across
63Check out another British V8

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