Damask Red was the second most popular color for the MGB GT V8 model
"Damask Red" was the second most popular color for the MGB GT V8 model.

Factory MGB GT V8 Paint and Trim Color Options

as published in BritishV8 Magazine, Volume XVI Issue 2, October 2008

Body ColorInterior Upholstery/Trim Color 1
Official Name Description Code # Built 2Years Navy Ochre Black AutumnLeaf
Aconite dark purple BLVC 95 98 74-75       Stnd.
Black black BK 1 79 74-76     Opt. Opt.
Black Tulip 3very deep purpleBLVC 25 5 73 only  Stnd.   Stnd.
Blaze orange BLVC 16 147 73-75 Stnd.   Stnd.  
Bracken brownish orange BLVC 93 154 73-76       Stnd.
BRG + Gold 4dark racing greenBLVC 25 1 75 only    Stnd.  
Bronze Yellow yellow ochre BLVC 15 26 73 onlyStnd.      
Brooklands Green very dark racing greenBLVC 16917 74-76       Stnd.
Chartreuse pale yellow BLVC 167 19 75-76     Stnd.  
Citron greenish yellow BLVC 73 267 73-74     Stnd.  
Damask Red light burgandy BLVC 99 472 73-76 Stnd.   Stnd.  
Ermine White purest white BLVC 243 1 75-76     Stnd.  
Flame Red bright red BLVC 61 1 73 onlyStnd.      
Flamenco Red scarlet BLVC 133 147 75-76     Stnd.  
Glacier White bluish white BLVC 59 513 73-76 Stnd.   Opt. Opt.
Green Mallard dark green BLVC 22 15 73-74   Stnd.   Stnd.
Harvest Gold golden beige BLVC 19 183 73-74 Stnd.   Stnd.  
Limeflower yellowish green BLVC 20 2 73 onlyStnd.      
Mirage greyish mauve BLVC 11 17 74 only    Stnd.  
Police White off white BLVC 1024 2 73-74 Stnd.   Stnd.  
Sandglow goldish caramel BLVC 63 8 75-76       Stnd.
Tahiti Blue bright blue BLVC 65 90 75-76     Opt. Opt.
Teal Blue med/dark blue BLVC 18 244 73-74   Stnd.   Stnd.
Tundra olive green BLVC 94 92 74-76       Stnd.
Unknown 5? ? 1 75-76     ? ?
Total Built 6 2601 (383) (12) (1195) (1010)

  1) Only navy and ochre trim colors were offered in '73. Only black and autumn leaf trim were offered from '74-'76.
  2) Number of cars built in each color was calculated by former MG employee and V8 enthusiast Geoff Allen from MG logs.
       Line-built prototypes and show cars are included in the "# Built" column. Development-shop built prototypes apparently
       aren't, except for chassis number GD2D2D100G (which is the one flame red car with navy blue interior listed above.)
       Geoff also noted that factory employees confused tahiti and teal blue in some cases.
  3) Apparently the only paint color that was listed at a premium price was Black Tulip.
  4) One special 1975 V8 was built with a two-color paint job, consisting of "New Racing Green" and gold, with black interior.
  5) Per Geoff Allen, the factory's "Despatch" office failed to note the color of exactly one rubber-bumper MGB GT V8.
  6) The total number of MGB GT V8's is generally reckoned as: "chrome bumper" = 1862 cars, "rubber bumper" = 739 cars.

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MGB GT V8 colors: Blaze, Flamenco Red, and Glacier White
Other MGB GT V8 colors included Blaze (147 cars) and Flamenco Red (146 cars),
but Glacier White was most popular (513 cars).

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Only about three percent of MGB GT V8's were black.
Only about three percent of MGB GT V8's were black.

Limeflower MGB GT V8
Limeflower wasn't a very popular color (only two sold!) but it photographed well in black-and-white.
This particular car appeared in many of the original black-and-white MGB GT V8 publicity photos.
Variants of "British Racing Green" (Brooklands & Mallard) weren't popular either - just 33 total -
but this number would have been much higher if the MGB GT V8 had been sold in North America!

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