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In The Driver's Seat   (Volume XVII Issue 1, January - June 2009)

by: Curtis Jacobson

You're reading the one and only car magazine that's focused on serious performance upgrades for classic British sports cars. We also feature British cars that originally came with V8 engines. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of quality content: entertaining, educational, technical, and inspirational. Other websites and magazines "sell the sizzle", but we serve the whole steak. We use as many large, close-up photos as it takes to tell each story completely.

Our niche of the British car hobby isn't the largest, but it's by far the most vibrant and the fastest growing. The term "resto-mod" describes it: today's enthusiasts want to combine classic styling with modern performance, and they demand modern reliability.

I wrote in my last "Driver's Seat" column that bundling articles together makes a lot more sense for a printed newsletter than it does for a huge, free, online resource. It clearly makes sense to redesign this website so articles can be published continuously throughout the year - rewarding readers with more timely articles - but I haven't found time to implement that change yet. So, here we have yet another oversized bundle of articles that's far too large for anyone to read and digest in one sitting: 45 articles and over 1300 color photos!

Frankly, this edition of BritishV8 is extremely overdue... so without further ado we're going to "publish" it. Coverage of two important events: our annual meet and the historic gathering of MGB GT V8 race cars at Virginia International Raceway - both which occurred in June - will have to be delayed a little longer..

BritishV8 2009     June 7 - 10     Durham, NC

Full coverage of this year's annual meet will be published soon. I'll just give you a quick summary here. Meeting coordinators Max Fulton and Emily Turner delivered a fantastically packed schedule of exciting and unique activities. Everything on the agenda went off without hitch. Our time was filled from Sunday evening though Wednesday night. We enjoyed informative Tech Sessions plus a "show and tell" session where we got a nice variety of conversions onto the car lifts at Flying Circus English Cars. We continued from there to a chassis dynomometer where many of us tested and quantified the performance of our cars. (A few of us discovered ways to improve our tuning on the dyno.) We also toured a truly top-flight machine shop and a race car prep shop. As a bonus, some of us snuck in a tour of a vintage race car restoration shop. Most of our group enjoyed an afternoon of karting at Virginia International Raceway's go-cart track. There were various dining and socializing events, and we wrapped things up with particularly wonderful closing banquet and auction. Again, full coverage of BritishV8 2009 is forthcoming.

MGB GT V8 racecars at V.I.R.
Five MGB GT V8 racecars recently met at Virginia International Raceway
Stay tuned to BritishV8 for full coverage of this historic development.


I was interested in making some suspension modifications on my MGB, and I wondered how MGB racers had addressed the problem. A careful internet search revealed that there is no website anywhere in the world that shows a broad cross-section of British race cars as methodically as BritishV8 shows British hot rods.

Why not extend Kurt Schley's "How It Was Done" methodology to race cars? is a brand new website with exactly that purpose. We'll "present British race cars in greater technical detail than you'll find elsewhere. Some pithy historical notes for context... but British Racecar is really all about design and construction, and especially about how cars have been modified for racing." I'm confident existing BritishV8 readers will enjoy our new sister website, and that will help BritishV8 reach more readers, advertisers, and enthusiasts too.

The BritishV8 Forum Continues its Remarkable Growth

How big is the BritishV8 message board? Already, over 10,000 messages have been posted on over 1300 topics, and over 500 different registered users have participated in these discussions. Why is our forum growing so fast? Yes, frankly, the BritishV8 message board is easier to use than many other forums. Yes, frankly, it does do a better job of displaying photos. However, the fundamental reason for our forum's success is its community: more friendly, more helpful, more diverse, and more universally enthusiastic about radical performance upgrades to classic British sports cars.

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BritishV8 is a Volunteer Effort

BritishV8 Magazine and website represent the work of many people. Please take a moment to reflect on all the folks who've contributed articles, photos, and information. The website couldn't thrive without them. Many thanks are also due to all the financial supporters who have voluntarily chipped in funds to help us keep meet expenses. If it weren't for their support, we'd certainly have to sell subscriptions (and that would severely limit our ability to reach new enthusiasts.) A full and up-to-date listing of financial supporters can always be found here: V.I.P. Contributor List.


The biggest portion of our operating budget comes from advertisers. Our vendor sponsors are businessmen, and they NEED to KNOW their advertising investments are returning meaningful exposure and good will. They'll believe it when they hear it from customers like you.

Every single one of our sponsors is friendly, knowledgeable, and will help you with anything they can.

Now I've said this before but I'll say it again: to improve the performance of your car, pick up your telephone and start asking BritishV8 sponsors what cool stuff they've got. They're continuously developing and introducing new products. It's remarkable how much of their best stuff is under-advertised. "Click" on their ads! Call them. Ask questions. Here's the contact info you need: BritishV8's Handy Vendor Directory!


Abacus Racing: Performance Services, Machine Work, Engine Building, Race Prep

Weldone Inc. design and fabrication services by James Bowler


Advanced Distributors, LLC: Distributor rebuilding and re-curving for all vehicles.

Classic Conversions Engineering: MGB V6 specialists, including kits, plus MGB chassis upgrades.

Fast Cars Inc.: British sports car chassis and handling. Conversions, modifications and brakes.

Mantell Motorsport: Ford V8 engine conversions for MGB, plus powder coating.

Roadtronics Automotive Technologies: (aka: RATCO) Triumph frames & performance chassis upgrades.

Targett MotorSport: Performance & racing: engine, tranny, wheels, brakes, handling & more.

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