Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB with Ford 302 V8 Conversion

Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB - Ford 302 V8 Engine Conversion

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIV Issue 2, August 2006 (updated October 2006)

Owner: Dennis McIntyre
City: Cambridge, Ontario
Model: 1971 MGB
Engine: Ford 302 V8
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine: Edelbrock Torquer 289 intake manifold, Holley 600 carburetor, mild cam, Ford 140W alternator, MSD ignition.
Transmission: T5 5-speed, with cable-operated clutch
Exhaust: 2.5" with Flowmaster mufflers
Driveshaft: custom-made
Rear axle: stock 3.909:1 MGB
Front suspension: stock MGB
Rear suspension: stock MGB, except tube shock conversion and traction bars
Brakes: vented front disks, standard rear (drums)
Wheels/Tires: 205/40/17
Cooling: re-cored MGB radiator, electric water pump, oil cooler
Electrical: Dodge Neon headlights, racing white gauges (full package),
500 Watt Kenwood audio system with subwoofer
Other Modifications: shaved knobs, rear spoiler, hood bulge, full body skirting (from Z24), roll-bar with welded-in 8-point rear frame support box.
Weight: 2260lbs (with half-tank of gas and driver out)
Performance data: FASSSSSSSSSST! 12.1 quarter mile with 275KPH top speed.
Date conversion completed: June 1, 2006... JUST TWO WEEKS AFTER STARTING!!!
Miles since conversion: 48000 Km (as of October 13, 2006)

Under the hood of Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB Conversion

Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB Conversion with Ford 302 V8 Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB from the side

Dennis McIntyre's MGB from the back

1971 MGB from the front

The hood on Dennis McIntyre's 1971 MGB

safety fast: custom MGB dual-hoop roll bar

Dennis McIntyre's dashboard

Engine Conversion: 1971 MGB with Ford 302 V8

Grille on 1971 MGB with Ford 302 V8

the conversion engine going in

T5 5-speed from below

modifications to the firewall and tranny tunnel

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