Ken Schmidt's 1969 TR6, with a Chevrolet 350 V8

Ken Schmidt's 1969 TR6 with a Chevrolet 350 V8

as published in British V8 Magazine, Volume XVI Issue 1, May 2008

Owners: Ken Schmidt
City: Sacramento, CA
Model: 1969 Triumph TR6
Engine: Chevrolet 350 V8
Conversion performed by: owner

Engine: Chevrolet 350 with 202 heads, Crane 3/4 cam, Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley Street Avenger 750 carburetor. Delco-Remy HEI (High Energy Ignition) distributor. Corvette tachometer drive.
Exhaust: Chevrolet "rams horn" style exhaust manifolds. Dual exhaust with Hushpower mufflers. (Hushmaster is a division of Flowmaster.)
Cooling: crossflow street rod aluminum radiator, from Performance Rod. Electric fan.
Transmission: TH-2004R automatic transmission (with overdrive), from California Performance.
Rear axle: stock, with 3.34:1 final drive ratio.
Suspension: (front) stock. (rear) "competition / road" springs and KYB tube shock conversion. For the steering intermediate shaft, instead of using two universal joints, as on most V8-converted Triumphs, an early Ford Pinto flexible steering shaft was installed. The car also features upgraded differential mounts and various frame reinforcements.
Brakes: Mercury Capri II brakes with TR6 pads.
Wheels/Tires: 8 spoke Minilite-replica wheels, 3/8" spacers, 225x60R15 tires.
Interior: burlwood dash. Steering wheel and shift plate from Gemico.
Comments: this car is fun to drive! It's driven daily, and has accumulated 1500 miles since the conversion, with some upgrades made as needed. Larger (16"?) wheels will be one of the next changes - to provide more clearance to the upper control arms.

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Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley Street Avenger 750 carburetor

crossflow street rod aluminum radiator

Chevrolet rams horn style exhaust manifolds

motor mount

frame connector

Hushpower mufflers

KYB shock absorber

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Triumph TR6 burlwood dash

Foris gauges, Gemico steering wheel.

wire mesh grille

subtle hood scoop, and Minilite-replica wheels

TR6 convertible top with removeable rear window

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