Jason Norman's 1967 Triumph TR4, with 427 cubic inch Chevy V8

Jason Norman's 1967 Triumph TR4, with 427 cubic inch Chevy V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 12 Issue 1. Additional photos added February 2007.)

Owner: Jason Norman
Model: 1967 Triumph TR4
Engine: Engine: 1968 427 Chevy 0.100" over-bored (approximately 447cid). Roller cam.
Exhaust: 4" collectors into 3.5" exhaust.
Transmission: Super T-10 4 speed, aluminum flywheel.
Rear axle: Ford 9" 31 spline, 4:11 Detroit Locker, 4-link rear suspension.
Comments: The motor has about 100 miles on it at this time. After the break-in period is over, I'm going to put an 1800cfm mechanical fuel injection on top, but for now I'm running a 750 Holley until the rings are seated.

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1968 Chevy 427 V8 engine

Triumph TR4 V8 engine conversion

Triumph TR4 project car

Triumph TR4 hood

Triumph TR4 bonnet

Holley 750 carb with velocity stack     1967 TR4 viewed from the rear

In February 2007, Jason added the following updated comments and photos:

(In the additional photos I've sent...) I tried to show a progression from when I started until recent changes. I'm sure you can see the progression. This thing was garbage when I got it: full of Bondo, chicken wire, newspaper stuffed into rust holes and mudded over. The frame was twisted 2 1/2" from front to back. I got it with no drivetrain in it - but it had the narrowed rearend. The rest was absolute junk. I mean wiring, sheetmetal, frame, interior, brakes, suspension and everything - all absolute junk! I should have just took the rearend out and crushed the car, but I loved that it was a '67 TR4, and I was putting a '67 427 chevy together on the engine stand when I got it - so here we are.

The engine I have in it now is the same 0.100" over 427 (1967) that I had in it the first time I sub'd to your site, but I tore it down again when I did the frame, suspension, firewall modifications and all the new fabrications. I put in chrome-moly H-beam rods, a 4-bolt main stud kit, and I studded the heads as well. I installed a 4-stage dry sump 3.5 gallon oiling system too.

improving a Triumph front end

fabricating a new front suspension

custom chassis and suspension

custom chassis fabrication

custom Triumph TR4 independent front suspension

custom TR4 racing suspension

custom TR4 racing frame

twin electric fans

X3 steering wheel

Pyrotech racing harnesses

Racecar cockpit

Triumph TR4 rear frame extension

Narrowed Triumph rearend

Rear tubs

In November 2007, Jason sent us additional photos:

The paint is a 3 stage homemade color
Note: The paint is a 3 stage homemade color consisting of: charcoal base coat, pure color dye coat, and urethane clear coat.

charcoal base coat

pure color dye coat

urethane clear coat

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