Greg Shaw's 1970 TR6, with a Buick 300 V8

Greg Shaw's 1970 TR6, with a Buick 300 V8

(as recorded by Dan Masters)

Greg writes:

I saw your British V8 page. Good job putting the site up. I just bought a '70 TR6 with a Buick 300 and a GM 5spd trans. Its an older conversion (maybe 10 years). I was wondering if you knew why someone would choose this engine. Since it is cast iron it does not have the weight benefits of the smaller Buicks, right? I have attached a couple pictures of the car.

Editor's note: although the Buick 300 engine isn't as lightweight as the 215, it's still a relatively light V8 on account of its aluminum heads and intake manifold.

Buick 300 engine

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