Dale Martin's TR6, with a Ford 302cid V8

Dale Martin's TR6, with a Ford 302cid V8

(as recorded by Dan Masters)

Dale wrote:

Just a note to let you see the progress on my TR6 project. I have included some JPEG pictures of my progress. I moved the center section of the firewall back about 3.5 inches. I made some new battery brackets to brace the new metal and welded them in. The engine mounts are simply square steel tubing with caps welded on the ends. The rubber part of the mounts are Mack Truck cab mounts. They have a steel sleeve in the middle and the lower half has a large rubber collar that goes through the mount attached to the engine block. Then the rubber cap fits down over the collar and sandwiches the engine part of the mount in rubber. The headers are from Sanderson Street Rod. I had to have about 2 inches cut off (of the primaries - ed.) to miss the frame rails. A friend of mine who builds race cars cut them off just above the collectors and ground off the welds. He then welded the collectors back on...

Ford engine

Ford TR-6 steering

Ford TR-6 header fabrication

mule engine




engine mounts

differential mount

302 TR6

Ford 302 TR6

Triumph TR-6 Ford engine conversion

Triumph TR-6 engine installation

TR-6 fuel cell

fuel cell for a TR-6

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