Christopher Trace's 1974.5 TR6 is Powered by a Ford 302 V8

Christopher Trace's 1974.5 TR6 is Powered by a Ford 302 V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XI Issue 3, September 2003

Owner: ChristopherTrace
City: Beeton, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: catrace @
Model: 1974.5 Triumph TR6
Engine: Ford 302
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine: Ford 302 bored out to 310ci, and completely rebuilt. Aluminum high-compression pistons are used with 1/16th" chrome-moly rings. A mild Crane cam (towing grind) is used. A heavy duty oil pump and shaft helps to prolong engine life.
Intake: A Holley 600cfm 4 barrel carburetor sits on an Edlebrock Torquer II manifold, and breathes through a side draft air cleaner. A heat shield is slipped between the carburetor and the manifold.
Engine Electrical: An Accel distributor feeds an electronic ignition system and a high output coil.
Drivetrain: Transmission is a BW T5 World Class 5-speed with a Hurst shifter. A Centerforce dual-friction clutch is actuated by a Tilton hydraulic throw-out bearing. Power is sent to the rear by way of a custom made 21/2" drive shaft.
Cooling: A Stewart Stage 1 water pump circulates coolant through a Griffin cross-flow radiator, where it is cooled by a 16" electric cooling fan in a "pusher" configuration. A fan shroud is provided to ensure all the air flows through the radiator instead of around it.
Exhaust: Sanderson street rod headers, ceramic coated, send the spent gases through a custom made stainless steel exhaust system.
Rear axle: The stock IRS differential is retained, but it has been rebuilt, as have the rear hub assemblies, with new U-joints all around. The differential is now suspended with polyurethane bushings. The differential mounting brackets have been reinforced.
Front Suspension: KYB shocks are used, along with new springs and polyurethane bushings. A new sway bar was fitted.
Rear Suspension: Lever action shocks have been replaced with a tube shock conversion. New springs and polyurethane bushings are used, along with a rear sway bar.
Brakes: A complete new brake system has been installed - M/C, wheel cylinders, brake lines, pads, discs, and drums - and braided stainless steel lines are used for the flex-lines. Toyota 4-pot calipers are used in front, and 7/8" Sunbeam Alpine rear wheel cylinders are used. Brake fluid is Silicon DOT5.
Wheels/Tires: Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce 215/65/R15 tires are fitted to 15X6 Panasport aluminum wheels.
Interior: Seat rebuilt with new foam, diaphragms, and leather seat covers. New carpets installed, with double underlay and heat shield. Dash has been re-veneered and an Alpine stereo system added. For comfort, fresh air ducts vent cool air to the footwells. The old top has been replaced with new.
Body/Paint: Six coats of Sikkens "Rio Red" acrylic urethane paint.
Electrical: GM alternator replaces the anemic Lucas unit. All wiring bullets have been replaced. Headlamps are now Halogen.
Fasteners: All load bearing points have grade 8 fasteners. All other points are stainless steel.

Edlebrock Torquer II manifold

Accel distributor

Holley Hi-Tek air cleaner

Griffin radiator

Ford headers

Cobra valve covers

TR6 veneer dashboard

TR6 fabricated transmission tunnel

TR6 custom transmission tunnel

cooling system


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