Bob Kamholtz's TR3, with a Chevy Vortex V6

(as recorded by Dan Masters)

Bob writes:

"I had a 250 HP Chevy Vortex V6 in my TR3 racecar, with a GM T10 5 speed. We were clocked at Road America over 172 MPH.

The suspension was setup with weight screws on all 4 corners of the car. Koni's in front and stock lever in back. Rims were American Racing Mags (slotted) 7" X 15". Tires were 23" X 9" X 15" Goodyear slicks. 5" was added to the front and rear fenders to cover the tires.

The motor was Vortex V6 from a 1996 S10 pickup. Balanced and blueprinted. A Crane high-lift cam was installed, redline 9000 RPM's but never took it over 7500. B/K 11 to 1 pistons. Roller lifter and rockers. Edelbrock intake with a Holly Pro-Jection fuel injection with adjustable settings (choke, idle, midrange power, top end). An air/fuel senser was welded into the exhaust header. Headers were custom made using 1 1/2" tubing into a 3" collector. Then exit out the front fender close to the firewall turning 90 degres into 3" side pipes. VERY LOUD, but a nice loud. An automatic trans flexplate with a 7" button clutch (total weight 7.5 lbs) with a B/W T10 5 speed. 5th gear was overdrive (.75 to 1).

The first time I took it to the track with the V6 in it no one even looked at it. You could not tell what was under the hood. The only outside difference was the sidepipes. Until I started it up. Then every one of my old friends came over. Wanted to know what I had done to my TR3. What a kick. I would pass Corvettes on the inside of corners, but they had more top-end so they would pass me back. I was going to make it into a street car but sold it. I don't have any good pictures of it, but plan to help the new owner this year. Maybe I can get some then."

- Bob Kamholtz

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