Richard Moor's 1969 Avenger

Richard Moor's 1969 Avenger (powered by Buick 3.8 Turbo)

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 3, December 2007

Owner: Richard Moor
City: Angola IN
Model: 1969 Fiberfab Avenger
Engine: 1981 Buick 3.8L Turbo
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine Mods: the Buick 3.8L has been built and balanced, plus fitted with a Turbonetics turbocharger (running 10.5 pounds of boost). 780cfm Quadrajet carburetor. Kenne-Bell turbo cam kit. ARP rod bolts, main studs, and head studs. The engine oil system has been completely redone, with heavy duty oil pump, oil boost plate, bored-out oil galleys, etc., and a hand built (full) windage tray that mounts to the pan rails. Full oil groove main bearings. HD ALUM main and rod bearings.
Ignition: GM HEI distributor, Accel coil and ignition module.
Cooling: 4-row stagger-core radiator.
Exhaust: 2.5" stainless exhaust system and Borla Turbo muffler.
Transmission: '73-'79 vintage VW transaxle (and IRS). Kennedy Engineered 200mm (8") clutch with 2100lb. pressure plate.
Rear Axle: 3.44:1 final drive ratio "Super Dif" (4 pinion gears). Heavy duty half shafts with VW bus CV joints.
Front Susp.: trailing arms and torsion bars. VW kingpins. 3/4" sway bar. Urethane bushings.
Rear Susp.: 1973 VW IRS with torsion bars and 3/4" sway bar. Urethane bushings.
Brakes: (front) 11" VW discs.
(rear) 10" x 2" Type-3 VW.
Wheels/Tires: (front) 15 x 7 wheels with BF Goodrich P215/70/R15 Radial T/A tires,
(rear) 15 x 8 wheels with BF Goodrich P275/60/R15 Radial T/A tires.
Weight: 2331 pounds.
Interior: Completely custom interior. Steward Warner and VDO gauges. Air conditioning. Cruise control.
Completed: 1997 (driven about 49,000 miles since conversion, as of November 2007.)

Engine Installation

Buick turbo V6

3.8 Litre Buick V6

69 Avenger transaxle


69 Avenger center console and interior

69 Avenger instruments and pedal box


Richard Moor and his 1969 Avenger

headlight cowl

Richard Moor - 1969 Avenger

red 1969 Avenger BF Goodrich Radial T/A


new aluminum grille for British V8 2008
This handsome custom aluminum grille, debuted at British V8 2008.

Fiberfab ensignia.
Fiberfab ensignia.

Corvette C5 taillights were installed shortly before British V8 2013.
Corvette C5 taillights were installed shortly before British V8 2013.
(Previously this car had flush-fitting rectangular taillamps.)

WEBLT IT - We Built It!
We Built It!

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