Jay Fowler's 1973 Jensen-Healey with Buick 215cid V8

Jay Fowler's 1973 Jensen-Healey with Buick 215cid V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 3, December 2007

Owner: Jay Fowler
City: Amery, Wisconsin
Model: 1973 Jensen-Healey MKII
Engine: 1962 Buick 215 Aluminum V8
Conversion completed by: Jay Fowler, and his father Dan

Engine: 1962 Buick 215cid aluminum V8. Stock cam.
Intake: stock Buick manifold and Rochester "4-Jet" 4-barrel carburetor.
Ignition: stock Delco points-type distributor with MSD ignition.
Cooling: custom aluminum radiator.
Exhaust: custom dual exhaust from the manifolds on back.
Transmission: Borg Warner T5 five speed from a 1985 Camaro V6.
Front Susp.: stock Vauxhall with heavy-duty sway bar.
Rear Susp.: stock Vauxhall with heavy-duty sway bar.
Brakes: stock Vauxhall.
Wheels/Tires: stock Wheels, Cooper tires.
Weight: 1975 pounds dry (with top removed).
Body: added hardtop 2006. Added front scoop to resolve cooling problems.
Performance: 205 Bhp, top speed 130 MPH so far.
Completed: 1985.
Miles Driven: about 12,000 as of October 2007.
Comments: the alternator had to be moved to the lower left and a bracket made that attached to the fuel pump. A reservoir tank was made for the radiator to handle cooling issues. The transmission housing is only 3 inches off the ground and the air cleaner rubs the hood. The motor has no fan mounted to it and a manually-switched electric fan was added to the front of the radiator. During High RPM's the stock electric fuel pump can't keep up with demand. This car still has the original paint, soft top and interior. It was my very first car; I bought it when I was 15 in 1977.

215 Buick Aluminum V8 with Rochester Quadrajet carburetor

Jenson-Healey: original paint, soft top and interior

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