Bob Hokanson's Modified 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Bob Hokanson's 322cid Ford V8 Powered 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIV Issue 3, December 2006

downdraft webers with velocity stacks
To help move T-GRRR down the road I put together, with the help of Ted King of Portland's Larson and King fame, a 322 cu. in. stroker motor using a Boss Ford 302 block with 4 bolt mains. Increased stroke is via a Reath crank connected to Boss rods and modified TRW flat-top pistons. A Crower roller-tappet cam featuring 292 degrees duration and 0.597" lift opens 1.94" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves in a set of Ted's ported 351W heads with Pro Magnum roller rockers.

velocity stacks on downdraft webers
Hays clutch and Mcleod hydraulic throwout bearing contained in a Lakewood scattershield, connected to a T5 transmission with Hurst shifter. Salisbury rear with Dana 44 Powerlock turning modified Ford 9" big-bearing axles that have been shortened and resplined to match the Dana center section.

Weber IDA48 carburetors   NOS direct port nitrous system with fogger nozzles
Induction is via a synchronized set of 4 Weber IDA48 carburetors.
Hard to see with the carburetors mounted is a NOS direct port nitrous system with fogger nozzles.

Electromotive direct ignition coil pack   custom crank trigger for Electromotive direct ignition
Remove the polished aluminum panel and beneath lies the coil pack.
Fire comes from an Electromotive distributorless, direct fire unit with a custom crank trigger.

oversized aluminum radiator
Oversized aluminum radiator is shown next to the inadequate 4 row "fat core" it replaced.

Tiger coilover IFS

coilover front suspension for Tiger
Adjustable coilover IFS with tubular A-arms and improved Ackerman angle.

JFZ 4-piston caliper Ford Granada caliper
I decided the brakes could be improved so I changed the fronts to JFZ 4-piston calipers with 12-1/8" rotors.
At the rear, Ford Granada calipers provide a cable-operated parking brake.

polished aluminum panels   NOS bottle / Harwood fuel cell
Opening the polished aluminum panels in the trunk reveals the locations of the NOS bottle and battery flanking the Harwood fuel cell.

Huntmaster recliners
Huntmaster recliners flank a custom console.

cowl-induction hood scoop
Profile reveals cowl-induction hood scoop and 225x40 Yokohama A520's on 16x8 Enkei 92 wheels.

Tiger sighted at Yellowstone Park
Yellowstone Park was one of the major features of SUNI 1999.

Woodburn Dragstrip
Boiling the hides at the Woodburn Dragstrip!

autocross champion
Western Oregon and Washington Association of Sports Car Clubs
1978, 1980, 1985 and 1986 autocross champion (in his class)

Autumn 1973
The car was originally purchased in the Autumn of 1973. VERY rough, but a Sunbeam Tiger I could afford.
The previous owner told me the car had been in an end-over-end accident.

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