Bob Burge's 1976 Jaguar XJ12 with Chevrolet Big Block V8 (454cid)

Bob Burge's 1976 Jaguar XJ12 with Chevrolet Big Block V8 (454cid)

as published in BritishV8 Magazine, Volume XVI Issue 2, October 2008

Owner: Bob Burge
City: Cheyenne, WY
Model: 1976 Jaguar XJ12
Engine: Chevrolet Big Block V8 (454cid)
Conversion performed by: owner

Engine: Chevrolet big block V8 (454cid) installed using a John's Cars "One Stop Deal" conversion kit (including radiator, headers, driveshaft, wiring, etc.). Edelbrock Performer Air Gap intake manifold and Barry Grant "Speed Demon" 750cfm carburetor. Competition Cams hydraulic roller camshaft (number 11-413-8). Performance Distributors brand "Street/Strip DUI" (Davis Unified Ignition) HEI distributor. Stock Delco-Remy alternator. K&N air filter (on custom-modified air cleaner housing.)
Cooling: larger radiator. Engine-driven cooling fan.
Exhaust: tubular headers from John's Cars Inc. in Dallas TX. Note: I cut the driver-side header into two and modified the header into a 2-piece design. (If a small block Chevrolet engine had been used, headers wouldn't have been required. For example, Chevy "Rams Horn" style iron exhaust manifolds could have been installed.)
Transmission: Chevrolet 700R4 automatic transmission with 0.70:1 overdrive. One-piece driveshaft.
(Contrary to some advice I've seen elsewhere about this conversion, it wasn't necessary to turn the transmission tailshaft housing upside down.)
Rear Axle: stock Jaguar, with 3.31:1 ratio.
Front Suspension: stock. (The Chevrolet big block is lighter than the original Jaguar V12 engine, so the front suspension needed to be lowered to level the car. This was easily accomplished by simply removing some of the original spring shims.)
Rear Suspension: stock.
Wheels/Tires: 5-lug Dayton wire wheels with 215/65R15 tires.
Brakes: stock.
Interior: Momo steering wheel. The original Jaguar gear selector was only slightly modified to work with the GM automatic transmission. The air conditioning system works as well as new.
Weight: 4100 pounds.
Performance: 8mpg city / 15mpg highway. 30mph per 1000 rpm in high gear. "Pretty good acceleration..."
Completed: 1989. (Driven approximately 42,000 miles since conversion, as of September 2008.)

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Chevrolet Big Block V8 (454cid)
Chevrolet Big Block V8 (454cid)

air conditioning compressor

K&N air filter (on custom-modified air cleaner housing).
K&N air filter (on custom-modified air cleaner housing).

engine driven cooling fan

Barry Grant Speed Demon 750cfm carburetor
Barry Grant Speed Demon 750cfm carburetor

Johns Cars headers

Performance Distributors brand Street/Strip DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) HEI distributor
Performance Distributors "Street/Strip DUI" (Davis Unified Ignition) HEI distributor.

Delco Remy alternator

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Jaguar gear selector mates to Chevrolet 700R4 automatic transmission
The Jaguar gear selector was only slightly modified to suit the Chevrolet automatic transmission.

Momo steering wheel
Momo steering wheel.

1976 Jaguar XJ12 grille
Seven inch headlights weren't offered in U.S.A. in 1976, but they were available in England and Europe
(so that's an easy upgrade). The grille's center bar was omitted to give a more elegant appearance.

Dayton wire wheels

great big glass-pack mufflers
Several badges were removed to "clean up" the rear end. Darker red taillamp lenses have been installed.

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