Willy Penner's 1970 MG MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

as published in BritishV8 Magazine, Volume IV Issue 1

Owner: Willy Penner
City: Winnipeg, MB
Model: 1970 MG MGB
Engine: Oldsmobile 215 V8

How It Was Done

Engine Mods: originally from a 1961 Olds F-85, bored 0.010" over, heads ported, larger exhaust valves, hotter cam, Carter 400 carburetor, G.M. distributor with Chrysler magnetic pick-up inside feeding MSDA ignition box. Accel coil.
Cooling: widened front of engine bay to accept 3 core radiator with 2 electric fans, retained MG oil cooler.
Transmission: 1970 MGB 4-speed + overdrive.
Bellhousing: 1970 MGB with 1/2" thicker adapter plate to mate Olds block to MG trans. Aluminum collar welded to front bearing housing to act as a bearing collar. Clutch release arm had hardened pins welded to it so GM clutch bearing could be used.
Clutch Slave: 1" Wagner. Wxisting mounting tabs cut off and body of cylinder machined round. Two grooves cut into body to accept circlips. New piece made to accept cylinder and MG cylinder hole spacing machined in.
Clutch: 10.5" Hayes, long style. Pressure decreased to 100 pounds.
Flywheel: MacLeod aluminum with slight maching so clutch disc would fit.
Exhaust: tubular manifolds.
Brakes: stock brakes used in front. Used 1973 Pinto brake cylinders in rear, they are almost the same bore as MG.
Tires/Wheels: widened stock Rostyle wheels, 7" in fron, 8" in rear. (Fenders flared.)
Rear End: narrowed Chrysler 8.75" posi unit with 2.97:1. Battery installed on right side and exhaust pipes looped over rear axle on left side.
Suspension: custom wound heavier springs in front, added one leaf to rear set. Changed front anti-sway bar to 1" diameter, added 3/4" rear anti-sway bar. Caution: the car has lots of body flex.
Instruments: speedo recalibrated to 140mph and 3.00:1 gears with 24" rims.
Conversion by: owner, with some machining and welding farmed out.
Recommendations: Use newer body style and 5-speed transmission.
Est. Cost: $12,000 Canadian. Note: the estimate may be high because of body work. The car has a fiberglass flip front end, made in England and ordered in the U.S.

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