Werner Van Clapdurp's 1977 MGB with Rover 3.5 V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 6 Issue 2)

By: Werner Van Clapdurp
City: Lynchburg VA
Model: 1977 MG MGB
Engine: Rover 3.5 V8

How It Was Done

Engine: 1981 Rover 3500 3.5L. Original engine was fuel-injected. Changed back to carburetor (Carter AFB 500cfm) temporarily. Increased compression by decking the block 0.040".
Transmission: 1981 Triumph TR7 5-speed.
Clutch Slave: for 1981 TR8, from Victoria British.
Clutch: for 1981 TR8, lightened to 22 pounds.
Flywheel: for 1981 TR8, lightened to 22 pounds.
Exhaust: SS headers from Glen Towery.
Brakes: none, yet.
Wheels/Tires: Rostyle (MGB original) 14" rims w/ Bridgestone Poteura 185/14 tires.
Suspension: Ron Hopkinson torsion bars, front and back, SPAX shock absorbers in back, front shocks original type with modified valves for firmer ride.
Cooling: original 1977 MGB radiator turned 180 degrees with relocated inlet and outlet. Two Lucas original (noisy) cooling fans.
Rear End: 3.7:1 MGB.
Conversion By: owner.
Sources: Glen Towery, TS Automotive, Internet, Victoria British, Bob Hyclack.
Recommendations: talk to people who have done it, read MG V-8 Newsletter three times. See what you have and get all parts and components ready before starting on conversion. Get as many opinions as you can on all the different problems (exhaust, engine mounts, starter, cross member, gearbox, rear axles.)
If Done Again: buy other headers. (Still too close to the inner fenders.) Get new radiator rather than converting old one.
Conversion Cost: approximately $3500, excluding original car.

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