Tony Andrews' 1979 MGB with Rover 3.9L V8

Tony Andrews' 1979 MGB with Rover 3.9L V8

Owner: Tony Andrews
City: Kent Island, MD
Model: 1979 MGB
Engine: Rover 3.9L V8
Conversion by: owner.

(photos taken at British V8 2008 in Port Washington, Wisconsin)

Rover 3.9L V8

positive crankcase ventilation

Buick 300 water pump?

TR8 engine driven cooling fan?

Spal electric cooling fan?

thermostatic fan switch

convenient oil filter access

block hugger headers

stock antisway bar

anti-tramp bar
Anti-tramp bars prevent leafspring wind-up.

single exhaust

wood steering wheel

pedal box

cupholder closed   cupholder open

inertia switch
Inertia switch (to turn "off" fuel pump in the event of an accident.)

glamour shot

Morspeed bumpers
Lightweight fiberglass Morspeed bumpers in lieu of the heavy original rubber bumpers.

front marker light

relocated license plate

V8 badge

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