MGB doing a burn-out   MGB doing a wheelie

Tom DiCenzo's 1963 MGB, with Chevrolet 454cid V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 1, April 2007

Owner: Tom DiCenzo
City: Calais, ME
Model: 1963 MGB
Engine: Big Block Chevy
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine: 1976 Big Block Chevy V8 (nominally 454cid, actually 468cid). Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, manifold, and cam. Delco starter & alternator. Soon to be replaced with 540cid / 695 HP Shafiroff Ultra Street engine.
Induction: Holley "Projection 4" throttle body injection, soon to be replaced with multi-port injection (probably Mass-Flo).
Cooling: Custom built radiator to fit widened inner fender opening.
Exhaust: Fabricated by Tom.
Transmission: 1976 Chevrolet Turbo-400. TCI 10" Street/strip torque converter. Shortened driveshaft from 1966 Impala.
Rear Axle: (2) 9" ford rears shortened to fit. One has 2.73 gears and open differential. The other has 4.11's with a spool. Can swap between them in 30 minutes!
Suspension: The front is stock, except with MGBGT-V8 springs. The rear includes home-made ladder bars with coil-overs.
Brakes: Stock front. Ford F-150 rear.
Wheels/Tires: American Racing "Outlaw" 14" X 6" front, 15" X 10" rear.
Weight: 2650 pounds.
Electrical: Stewart-Warner gauges. Realistic AM/FM with Cassette.
Other Chassis Mods: 1.5" X 3" tube frame from original front crossmember to rear bumper. 16 Ga. steel firewall, transmission tunnel, and floorboard. Rear wheel-wells enlarged for 305-50-R15 tires. Custom fuel tank. Roll bar.
Completed: 1968. Has been modified a few times over the years!
Miles Driven: About 70,000 as of March 2007.
Performance: Best 1/4 Mile to date was 10.67 @ 128 MPH.
Comments: Started out with stock radiator, but it was too small. Had to cut out inner fenders and install 28" wide 4 core radiator. Used 427" BBC in 1968, then 454" in 1988, 468" in 1995... I built those myself. 540" Shafiroff Ultrastreet engine has been ordered. I hope the car (and myself) can handle it! The car is a LOT of Fun to drive, very reliable, drives well, corners well, but because of 12" engine setback it has lost a foot of legroom; that was the price I had to pay for a car that has been so much fun on the street and at dragstrips in Maine, New Brunswick, and New Hampshire.

Lion King of the MGB's

Chevy big block MGB

Chevy 454 in an MGB

MGB V8 with maximum engine setback

this MGB doesn't need a heater

Chevy 454 headers   headers for big block Chevy

MGB hood scoop

American Racing Outlaw Wheels

Race Car Interior

Racing safety harness

MGB rear suspension for drag racing

narrowed Ford 9 inch   Hoosier racing slicks

notice attachment points for ladder bars   notice back brace

MGB rear view

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