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Steve Carrick's 1974 MGB, with 375 horsepower Ford V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume X Issue 1, January 2002
Photos shown are from British V8 2006, Townsend TN (and more recent modifications).

Owner: Steve Carrick
City: Middleville, MI
Model: 1974 MGB roadster
Engine: Ford SVO 302 V8

Engine: Ford Motorsport (SVO part number M-60070-B40) crate engine.
Heads: GT-40 aluminum heads (SVO part number M-6049-Y302) weigh 22 pounds each, 25 pounds lighter than similar iron heads. Intake valves: 1.94". Exhaust valves: 1.54".
Induction: a single 4bbl 625cfm Road Demon carburetor sits on an Edelbrock "airgap" 7121 aluminum manifold. Throttle cable by Lokar.
Cam: hydraulic roller type (SVO part number M-6250-B303) with intake and exhaust duration of 284 degrees (224 degrees at 0.050" lift). Intake and exhaust lift = 0.480".
Oil pan: a rear sump pan was fitted, but the front crossmember required extensive modification for clearance. Even the rear sump pan on a Ford has a small front "sump" to allow room for the oil pump drive. This front sump can cause difficulties in some installations, interfering with the front crossmember as in this application.
Power: An identically configured engine was tested by Car Craft magazine recently, and their engine produced 375HP!
Water pump: stock Ford, configured for V-belt operation (with opposite rotation from the normal serpentine belt drive).
Cooling: Griffen brass construction radiator, designed as a stock replacement for a '65 Mustang. Spal electric fan in a puller configuration. Note: car runs way too cold at highway speeds. (150 degrees at 80 MPH.) The thermostat is a modified Robert-Shaw 180 degree thermostat. The bypass was opened up to 1/2". Will go back to a stock Robert-Shaw 180 degree and stock 3/8" bypass opening to try and get the temperature up to normal.
Alternator: Delco 100 amp, one wire.
Starter: gear reduction type from PA Performance.
Wiring: re-routed to clean up engine bay.
Headers: custom made with 1.50" primaries. Mufflers are chambered, and 48" long.
Transmission: Borg-Warner T5, installed with a bellhousing from a Mustang. Fifth gear is 0.63:1.
Rear axle: Ford 8.8", with a 2.73:1 final drive ratio. (I plan to upgrade to a Ford 9".)
Suspension: (Front) lowered one inch. Currently running a Ron Hopkins (Bilstein telescoping shock conversion), but will soon upgrade to a Fast Cars, Inc. front suspension setup. (Rear) lowered one inch. Composite springs and Koni shock conversion supplied by British Automotive, Inc.
Brakes: (Front) stock for now, but will be upgraded to Wilwood four piston calipers and 12 3/4" diameter rotors as part of the Fast Cars front suspension upgrade. (Rear) stock Mustang as part of the Ford 8.8" axle assembly.
Wheels/Tires: ARE 15x7, with BF Goodrich TA 225R15 tires.
Interior: Fiero seats. Other interior improvements are a future project.
Recommendations: Start with the engine of your dreams! Rebuilding your car later to achieve your dream will only cost you time and money.

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Ford Motorsport crate engine

Ford Mustang radiator

Coyote headers

Lokar throttle cable

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steering rack

forward mounted Panhard rod

three link rear suspension

coilover shocks

steering wheel

MGB hood scoop


What a beautiful car!

Suzuki Katana fuel cap

ARE wheels

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