Pete Mantell's 1969 MGB with Ford 302 V8

Pete Mantell's 1969 MGB with Ford 302 V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 12 Issue 1. Updated photos and text: 9/2006.)

Owners : Pete & Sue Mantell
City: Sidney, IL
Model: 1969 MGB Roadster
Engine: Ford 1990 302 (5 liter)

Engine: 2004 Ford 302 (stroked to 342cid) crate motor M-6007-A342, dynoed at factory 400HP, 390ft.lbs. torque. (Previously Pete had installed a 1990 Ford 302 with Edelbrock cam and aluminum SVO x303 heads.)
Intake: Edelbrock "Performer 289" manifold and 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor (electric choke).
Cam: F303.
Engine Electrical: MSD 8579 distributor, 6AL ignition box with rev limiter, and MSD "Blaster" coil.
Cooling: Griffin aluminum radiator, Ford Motorsport short neck regular flow pump, and twin 10 inch Summit cooling fans.
Motor Mounts: 64 Comet 289.
Exhaust: Mantell Motorsport headers stainless Summit Racing mufflers exiting just in front of rear wheels.
Transmission: TremecT5 Super Duty Z, with hybrid driveshaft built by Dan Lagrou of D&D.
Modified and strengthened MGB tranny crossmember.
Clutch: Ford Motorsport clutch, aluminum flywheel, Mcleod HTOB and MGB master cylinder.
Rear axle: S10 axle from D&D.
Front suspension: Fast Cars Inc., 7/8" sway-bar, and Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.
Rear suspension: Lowered 1 inch, tube shock conversion. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.
Brakes: Wilwood (from Fast Cars Inc.)
Wheels/Tires: Compomotive "MO" 5.5" x 16", Dunlop tires.
Body: MGC Hood, BMC Special Tuning front air-dam.
Interior: Miata Seats with RCI 4 point harnesses. Grant steering wheel.
Electrical: Autometer gauges. 12-circuit Painless universal wiring harness.
Est. Cost: Around $10000 so far!
Completed: It's never complete! I'm always planning upgrades. Date first driven was May 2003 (with stock 302 motor).
Performance: Still need to test with my GTech Pro, but it's very quick. I enjoy taunting Porsches, Corvettes and tuned imports.
Weight: 2280 lbs
Comments: "Like most conversion owners, trying to wipe a permanent grin off my face is impossible. Can't drive her enough. She's a blast to drive! This has been an on-going project for the last 6 years. Original idea was to create V8 power in an MGB on a very small budget! I had to restore and modify for V8 at the same time. It's great seeing the expression of shock or horror on people's faces when you draw along side and they hear a MGB with 302 Cubic inches, then all they see is the taillights disappearing in the distance!"

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photo added 7/5/06

photo added 7/5/06

From this lowly beginning!
From this Lowly Beginning!

Body modifications
Body Modifications

Transmission tunnel mods
Transmission Tunnel Mods

Remote oil filter adapter and extension for oil pressure sender
Remote Oil Filter Adapter and Extension for Oil Pressure Sender

Motor mount, passenger-side
Motor Mount (passenger-side)

Engine in place for a trial fitting
Trial Fitting of the Engine

Modified crossmember to allow for oil pan clearance
Modified Crossmember for Oil Pan Clearance

Bronco oil pan (rear sump)
Ford Bronco Oil Pan (rear sump)

Transmission mount
Transmission Mount (bottom view)

Transmission mount
Transmission Mount (top view)

Fender cutouts for the exhaust
Cutouts for Exhaust

Engine going in one more time, for one more trial fitting
Another Trial Fitting

Hydraulic throw-out bearing and fittings
Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearing (HTOB) and Fittings

Crossflow radiator installed as a downflow to ease installation
Crossflow Radiator Installed as a Downflow to Ease Installation

Engine in Place, Ready to Run
Engine in Place, Ready to Run!

Pete Mantell's 1969 MGB with Ford 302 V8
Pete Mantell's 1969 MGB with Ford 302 V8

sculpted leather wrapped steering wheel

RCI Racer's Choice Inc. racing belts

MGB front view

MGB X 302

Powered-by-Ford badge

Compomotive MO wheels and Wilwood brakes

Pete Mantell

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