Mike Engleton's 1979 MGB with 1962 Olds 215 V8

MODIFICATIONS:   total rebuild, machined to 0.030" overbore, 10/10 crankshaft, stock cam, rebuilt heads, new rocker shafts, valves, springs, retainers, etc, 10.24:1 compression
COOLING:   stock radiator with enlarged core, inlet and outlet
TRANSMISSION:   BW T5 5-speed with 0.63:1 fifth gear
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Weber hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   stock MGB
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock, newly rebuilt
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
WHEELS/TIRES:   195/70HR14, aftermarket mags
EXHAUST:   custom dual exhaust. headers from California Direct
INSTRUMENTS:   VDO tach, no working speedo
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Melling Engineering high volume oil pickup, modified oil filter assembly & starter nose by D&D, H.P. coil, 78A Delco alternator, Edelbrock AFB 500cfm carburetor
LOCATION:   Munster, IN

    Mike Engleton's '79 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

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