Martyn and Carol Harvey, with their 1980 MGB V8

Martyn Harvey's 1980 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIV Issue 2, August 2006

Owner: Martyn Harvey
City: Waterloo, Ontario CA
Model: MGB
Engine: Rover 3.5L
Conversion performed by: Larry Ellis (circa. 1992)

Intake: Offenhauser Dual Plane / Holley 390cfm 4bbl carb.
Cam: Isky 262.
Engine Electrical: Lucas original.
Cooling: MGB V8 radiator.
Exhaust: Clive Wheatley stainless.
Transmission: Rover 5-speed.
F. Suspension: uprated shocks, lowered springs.
R. Suspension: custom 4-link with adjustable coil-over shocks and Panhard rod.
Brakes: (Front) Toyota vented rotors and 4-pot calipers / (Rear) Nissan disc brakes.
Wheels/Tires: MWS Minilights.
Interior: Pontiac Fiero seats with Mr. Mikes leather covers, louvered hood, RV8 style top.
Performance: 184HP at the rear wheels (dyno).
Completed: 1996.
Miles Driven: 40,000 (as of the British V8 2006 meet).

Rover 3.5L V8

aluminum radiator
Notice the unique sheetmetal ducting added between the slam panel (where the hood latch is) and the radiator.

New aluminum radiator.
New aluminum radiator.

Stainless steel RV8 style through-the-inner-fender header
Stainless steel "RV8 style" through-the-inner-fender headers.

engine torque rod
A supplemental torque rod limits rotation of the engine on its mounts.

residual pressure valves
Wilwood residual pressure valves improve brake pedal feel.

Fast Cars front suspension
Fast Cars front suspension.

Stainless steel exhaust, Four link IRS, Panhard rod
So much in one photo! Stainless steel exhaust... four-link suspension... disc brakes... Panhard rod...

Martyn Harvey's 1980 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

Battery boxes removed for upper suspension links
Battery boxes have been removed to make room for upper suspension links.

Threaded spring perchs
Threaded spring perchs facilitate fine adjustment of ride height, and balancing of "corner weights" side-to-side.

Ford 8.8 axle
Ford 8.8 axle (you can tell by the pierced ears on its cast iron center section)

Panhard rod mounted rearward of the coil-over shocks
Pre-drilled holes facilitate re-setting the Panhard rod to level after ride height adjustment.

rear roll-center of the suspension
Panhard rod centered between axle and fuel tank; coil-overs centered between Panhard rod and axle.
With the Panhard rod mounted REARWARD of the axle it can be placed LOWER, which is generally very
desireable because Panhard rod location defines the rear roll-center of the suspension.

Nissan 240SX calipers emergency/parking brake
Early 90's Nissan 240SX calipers feature a cable-operated parking brake.
The Nissan 240SX rotors have MGB compatible (4x4.5) lug spacing.

Martyn Harvey's 1980 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

Installing an Advance Auto-Wire wiring system.
Installing an Advance Auto-Wire wiring system...

...which includes more relays and fuses.
...which includes more relays (7) and fuses (8).

Pontiac Fiero seats, Mr Mike leather covers
Pontiac Fiero seats with Mr. Mike's leather covers

New steering wheel
New steering wheel.

LED third brake light
LED "third" brake light

Nissan 240SX rear disc brakes
Nissan 240SX rear disc brakes, seen through 8-spoke wheels

Martyn Harvey's 1980 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

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