Martyn Harvey: Autocrossing at British V8 2004
Martyn Harvey: Autocrossing at British V8 2004

Martyn Harvey's 1979 MGB LE, with Rover V8

Owner: Martyn Harvey
City: Waterloo, Ontario CA
Model: 1979 MGB-LE
Engine: Rover 3.5L

Engine: Rover 79 SD1 3.5 litre (215, 9.75 compression ratio Vittesse pistons, Isky 262 camshaft, Cloyes timing chain, balanced crankshaft, flowed heads and intake, Melling oil pump (50psi), 1964 Buick 300 water pump (part number P591).
Induction: Holley 390cfm 4bbl / Carter 400cfm AFB, Offenhausser intake.
Ignition: Rover distributor with Crane-Allison optical electronic sensor, Lucas Sport Coil, Taylor spiro 8mm wires, timing set to 12 BTDC with 35 degrees max advance (at 2500rpm)
Exhaust: Clive Wheatley stainless RV8-style headers and exhaust system.
Transmission: Rover 5 speed.
F. Suspension: 1974 MGB/GT coil springs, Spax adjustable telescopic shocks, 3/4 inch Ron Hopkinson sway bar, MGB V8 bushings
R. Suspension: MGB/GT leaf springs, Ron Hopkinson sway bar, Spax adjustable shocks, Towery traction bars.
Rear Axle: Ford 9 inch, 3.25:1 ratio, and limited slip differential.
Brakes: Standard MGB front discs. Rear drums. Kevlar cold stop pads and linings, braided hoses, silicon fluid.
Wheels/Tires: GB Minilite replicas (14x6), Yokohama A509 195-65 H
Miscellaneous: Pontiac Fiero seats with integral stereo speakers, Hella driving lights, Delco alternator, Snugtop hardtop, double roll bar, anti-theft system, louvered hood.
Weight: 2500 pounds.
Performance: Max Torque = 174 ft-lbs, Max Power = 174 SAE Horsepower at 6000 rpm. (as measured at-the-wheels on a DynoJet dynomometer)

Martyn Harvey: in Tennessee for British V8 2003
Martyn Harvey: Touring Tennessee after British V8 2003

HARV8: modeling a brand new convertible top
Modeling a Brand New Convertible Top

MGB V8 from the back

MGB V8 from the side

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