Jonathan Lamson's 1960 MGA Twin Cam with Mazda 12A Rotary Engine

Jonathan Lamson's 1960 MGA Twin Cam w/ Mazda 12A Rotary Engine

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 2, September 2007

Owner: Jonathan Lamson
City: Rosemont, NJ
Model: 1960 MGA Twin Cam
Engine: Mazda 12A Wankel Rotary Engine
Conversion performed by: Previous Owners (unknown)

Engine: Mazda 12A (late 70's) with street porting, Racing Beat Manifold with four barrel carb, Racing Beat headers, stock electricals.
Transmission: stock Mazda 4-speed (late 70's). Custom driveshaft from "Driveline Service of Alexandria".
Brakes: Dunlop/Ferrari brakes.
Wheels/Tires: stock MGA Twin Cam wheels, except with 7" chevy rims welded on to accommodate wider tires.
Electrical Mods: all new wiring.
Body: louvered bonnet with leather hold-down straps. All badges removed. Trunk lid secured with hood pins (see photo). Original plywood floorboards have been replaced with stainless steel. (This definitely tightened up the chassis!) A driver's side roll-hoop was installed. Headlight stone guards were fitted.
Interior: completely reupholstered in red leather, with black carpeting and aluminum scuff plates installed on rocker panels, lower door panel and floor frame. Leather wrapped steering wheel.
Electrical: wiring completely replaced and converted into a 12V negative ground system.
Completed: 1986
Comments: Although it's not the quickest off the line, once she's moving and in her power curve she screams!
Future plans: I will be adding the racing style front apron, with cut-outs for air intake and for driving and/or fog lamps. Am considering replacing the dashboard with engine-turned stainless steel, and adding a few gauges (amp-meter, pyrometer, etc), plus push-button start.

Mazda 12A Wankel rotary engine in an MGA

Mazda twin distributors

Mazda twin coil ignition system

leather steering wheel

Talbot mirror

louvered MGA hood

boot lid pins

widened MGA twin-cam wheels

(earlier pictures)

MGA retro racer

MGA leather bonnet straps

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