John Mclean's 1979 MGB with Chevy 350 V8

John Mclean's 1979 MGB with Chevy 350 V8

Preliminary Description: (a "How-It-Was-Done" article will replace this with more details)

I have a 79 B with a 350 Chevy, 400HP and 350 auto trans. I have an oil consumption issue that would be a pain on a long trip so I want to correct that. Before I put the built engine into the car I scored some aluminum 'Vette heads but I never checked them out before I put them on and the valve seals leak bad so I know that is part of my problem. My biggest issue is an overheating problem I have not been able to figure out which means a long highway trip is not possible. Part of that is running the 350 and automatic trans through the 3.90:1 stock rear gear. Fast as hell out of the hole but revving pretty high on the highway. I have a built and shortened Ford 9" posi rear end to put in it. I hope to have these things done this year. I was sidetracked for the last few years on other projects, first driving a 1967 400 Firebird across country in the Hot Rod Power Tour and restoring it and most recently I rebuilt and supercharged a Honda S2000.

With regards to the MGB: the engine fit right in. I made no modification to the front cross member or the transmission tunnel. I had a customer copper radiator made that is mounted on the front side of the side rails for the stock radiator but because the motor is so far forward there is no room for a fan between it and the rad. I have an 18" pusher fan mounted on front of the radiator. I have a center scoop and 2 - 4" diameter holes cut in the hood near the windshield to let hot air out. Ted Lathrop built me a rear end about 2 years ago, I guess he used it for a tech session when the British V8 meet was in Michigan but I haven't put it in yet.

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