John Lakanen's 1972 MGB/GT with 1962 Buick 215 V8
John Lakanen's V-8 at the 1995 University Motors Summer Party

John Lakanen's 1972 MGB/GT with 1962 Buick 215 V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 4 Issue 1)

By: John Lakanen
City: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Model: 1972 MG MGB/GT
Engine: 1962 Buick 215

How It Was Done

Engine: Carter 400cfm carburetor, electronic ignition, headers, remote oil filter, Hitachi alternator.
Transmission: Rover 5-speed, rebuilt carefully to handle V-8 torque.
Bellhousing: Rover V-8.
Clutch Slave: Rover.
Clutch: Rover 10".
Brakes: standard brakes all around, all new.
Tires/Wheels: 185/70 Michelins on 6" custom 72-spoke Molloy wheels.
Suspension Mods: rubber bumper rear leaf springs (heavier), heavier touring-type front coil springs, V-8 lower wishbone bushings. Most importantly, everything is new.
Cooling: V-8 radiator, thermostatically controlled rubber bumpered electric cooling fans with cockpit mounted manual override.
Rear End: 3.07:1 gears.
Instruments: 140 mph speedometer, 8 cylinder tachometer, both Smiths.
Conversion By: Foreign Cars.
Recommendations: chrome bumper conversion was much more difficult than rubber bumper. Clearance to the hood, steering rack, etc., were very tight. All round clearances were 1/8" to 1/4" maximum range - but final product is worth it.
Estimated Cost: $7-8000 (not including original car).

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