Joe Hutcherson's 1976 MGB with Chevy 4.3 EFI V6

Joe Hutcherson's 1976 MGB with Chevy 4.3 EFI V6

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 2, September 2007

Owner: Joe Hutcherson
City: Campbellsville KY
Model: 1976 MGB roadster
Engine: 1991 Chevrolet S10 4.3 V6
Conversion performed by: Joe and Terry Hutcherson

Engine: all stock, including the original throttle-body fuel injection.
Exhaust: custom made. (Note: it's more of a fabricated manifold than a header.) 3" tube collector dumping into two 2.5" Supertrapp mufflers.
Transmission: 700r4 automatic. Home-made driveshaft.
Rear axle: stock MGB.
Front susp.: stock MGB, with spacers added above coil springs. Ford power steering rack was retrofitted after initial project completion to reduce steering effort.
Rear susp.: stock MGB, plus home-made traction bars.
Brakes: stock MGB, with cross-drilled rotors.
Wheels/Tires: stock.
Electrical: S10 wiring harness. Electronic S10 Autometer speedo and tach.
Other: air conditioning. Major reconstruction was done to fit a large air conditioning condensor and radiator. Modified center console to add air conditioning controls (and automatic transmission shifter.) Custom roll hoop. Rubber-to-chrome bumper conversion.
Completed: August 2002. Driven about 5000 miles so far (as of May 2007.)

Chevrolet 4.3 V6 throttle-body fuel injection

radiator shroud

custom center console

"How It Was Done"

custom exhaust manifold

air conditioning

GM 700r4 automatic transmission

fuel lines for EFI conversion

fuel filter for EFI conversion

custom traction bars

MGB on the rotisserie   painting an MGB

modified MGB front clip   MGB front fender

custom MGB V6 radiator support   highly modified MGB front structure

modifications for early-style turn signal indicators   modified front structure

MGB floorboard replacement/reinforcements   modified MGB front crossmember
Floor pans, floor reinforcements, and strengthened crossmembers.

steering rack mounting   Modifications of the front suspension crossmember
Modifications of the front suspension crossmember.

automatic transmission shifter mounting   Mounting of the automatic-transmission shifter
Mounting of the automatic-transmission shifter.

Modifications to the transmission tunnel   driveshaft tunnel
Modifications to the transmission tunnel.

Custom exhaust manifolds and pipes   exhaust pipes
Custom exhaust manifolds and pipes.

heating ductwork   radiator mounting

Radiator and air-conditioning condensor   air conditioning condensor
Radiator and air-conditioning condensor.

transmission selector indicator   engine control unit

HVAC ductwork   air conditioning control panel

HVAC connections   air conditioning / heater fan
Air conditioning!

Chevy S10 wiring harness and fuse block   Chevy S10 fuse block
Chevy S10 wiring harness and fuse block.

Homemade traction bars   anti-tramp bars
Homemade traction bars.

Ford power steering system   Ford power steering rack
Ford power steering rack.

unusual custom roll hoop

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