Jim Stuart's 1974.5 MGB-GT with 1995 Rover 4.2L V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 2 Issue 1)

Owner: Jim Stuart
City: Gaithersburg, MD
Model: 1974-1/2 MG MGB-GT
Date of Conversion: 1993

How It Was Done

Engine: 1963 Buick 215.
Transmission: Borg Warner T-50.
Clutch: 9" Chevrolet.
Flywheel: stock Buick 215, machined flat.
Tires/Wheels: Shelby 14 x 7 (Datsun) Minilite copies with 195/70 tires.
Suspension: chrome bumper front crossmember. 1-1/2" lowering blocks and stock GT springs on rear. "Evolution" front and rear sway bars from M&G International.
Cooling: radiator relocated to 1977-80 location. 16" thinstyle electric fan. A/C condensor with 12" fan.
Other: (1) MSD G-A Ignition.
(2) Ford remote starter solenoid (eliminates heat soak starter problems common to GM.)
(3) Chevrolet Vega starter with D&D adapter nose.
(4) GM 63 amp alternator w/ modified D&D brackets.
(5) air conditioning with Nippondenso compressor, dealer option MGB underdash A/C unit and fabricated mounts.
(6) Pontiac Fiero seats with headrest speakers.
(7) Sunway folding sunroof.

(later description, as recorded by Dan Masters)

MODIFICATIONS:   Buick front cover, Erson cam & lifters, double row timing chain, Mallory magnetic ignition, D&D swivel filter mount, Vega starter w/D&D nose, Carter 500cfm carburetor, Buick 215 intake
COOLING:   Custom core, 1977 MGB top and bottom tanks, +4" in length, 2700cfm electric fan
TRANSMISSION:   T-5 (0.63:1 5th), Hurst shifter
BELLHOUSING/CLUTCH:   Buick 215 bellhousing, GM 10.5" clutch/pressure plate, McLeod hydraulic throw-out bearing
REAR END:   Towery 8" Ford center w/MGB ends (3.5:1)
BRAKES - FRONT:   stock
BRAKES - REAR:   stock
SUSPENSION - FRONT:   chrome-bumper crossmember, springs, etc, M&G International 5/8" sway bar
SUSPENSION - REAR:   stock with 1 1/2" lowering blocks, M&G International 5/8" sway bar
WHEELS/TIRES:   195/65/15 Yoko Avid, 15x6 wheels
EXHAUST:   stainless for MGBV8 - Falcon
INSTRUMENTS:   VDO electric speedo, tach, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, voltmeter, clock
SPECIAL FEATURES:   Remote electric hatch & door locks, sunroof, Fiero seats, Vintageair heat/defrost/air conditioning, converted to chrome bumpers
LOCATION:   Montgomery Village, MD

    Jim Stuart's '74.5 MGBGT with Rover 4.2L V8

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