Jim Ohnstad's 1974 MGB-GT with GM 3.4L V6

Jim Ohnstad's 1974 MGB-GT with GM 3.4L V6

Owner: Jim Ohnstad
City: Fargo, ND
Model: 1974 MGB-GT
Engine: GM 3.4L V6
Conversion by: Brian McCullough

(as photographed at British V8 2008 in Port Washington, WI)

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GM 3.4L V6 crate engine

How It Was Done:

removal of MG motor mounts
Removal of the original MG motor mounts on early rectangle mounting system.
(This isn't required with the later engine mounts.)

hammer work for the cylinder head clearance
A little hammer work makes room for the cylinder head and exhaust.
In the foreground: a Classic Conversions Engineering bolt-in motor mount.

New radiator brackets.
New radiator brackets have been installed about six inches forward of original.

crate engine with camaro bellhousing and transmission

t5 transmission and bellhousing

aftermarket S10 shifter vs stock Camaro shifter
Left: this aftermarket shifter was made for a Chevrolet Camaro. It requires modification,
but will provide the desired feel and short throw.
Right: Difficult-to-find short-throw S10 shifter. Note that the pivot point on this S10 shifter
is about twice the height off the bolting plate as most S10 and stock Camaro shifters. Both
shifters have to be reshaped to fit the MGB. Usually this is done with heat or welding.

aftermarket shifter for Chevrolet S10 pickup truck

bent shifter lever
The S10-style shifter lever needed to be bent two places...

It also needed to be finessed a little with a grinder.

shifter alignment with console
Now the shifter is perfectly aligned with the tunnel and console.

Classic Conversions headers
First generation Classic Conversions headers, fitted to a purpose-built y-pipe.

exhaust system

transmission ground strap
Transmission ground strap.

fuse block bracket

fuse block

installed fuse block

installing the dashboard wiring

The Completed Conversion:

side view of engine compartment

Classic Conversions motor mount

interference with steering u-joint?

ignition coils

Spectre air cleaner?

Howe aluminum radiator

Sanden air conditioning compressor

throttle body

air conditioning clutch

Classic Conversions headers

receiver dryer

heater valve

Fast Cars front suspension

front antisway bar

oil filter location


fiberglass leaf springs, supplemented with anti-tramp bars

telescoping shock absorbers

clamp-on Panhard bar bracket connection to rear axle

Panhard bar bracket to body

MotoLita steering wheel?


custom door trim panel

air conditioning evaporator/blower...

...takes up the whole luggage and spare tire compartment

Chevy Camaro inpired paint scheme


British Iron Society

cowl vent

rear bumper

front wheel and tire

rear wheel and tire

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