James E. McCue's 1979 MGB with Chevy 2.8L V6

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 5 Issue 2)

By: James E. McCue
City: Sunland CA
Model: 1979 MG MGB
Engine: Chevrolet 2.8L V-6

How It Was Done

Engine: from 1994 S-10 pick-up truck. Purchased with 2200 original miles. Fuel injected with VIN "Z" wiring harness and computer from Howell Engine Developments Inc. (Marine City, MI). Moroso engine mounts.
Transmission: Chevrolet 4L60 4-speed automatic from Astro van. Wiring harness, with vacuum adapter and overdrive lock-up from Howell. Stock torque converter.
Exhaust: stock S-10 headers. Exhaust pipes sweep forward then down. Fabricated by a local muffler shop.
Wheels/Tires: stock MGB "Rostyle" wheels with powdercoat. 175R14 Michelin tires.
Suspension: stock/rebuilt MGB.
Cooling: local radiator shop built 4-row core to stock MG. Integral trans cooler added.
Rear End: stock 3.9:1 MGB. Plans call for conversion to 3.0 or 2.9.
Instruments: removed clock and installed voltmeter. New oil pressure and temperature gauges by Sun Pro. Original fuel gauge with new tank sender.
Conversion By: owner.
Cost: $5-6,000 (excluding original car).
Notes: Would recommend use of a VIN "W" engine for a lower silhouette at hood.

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