Jack Pease's Ford 302 powered 80 MGB with Tremec 5-speed transmission

Jack Pease's Ford 302 powered 1980 MGB with Tremec 5-speed

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 3, December 2007

Owner: Jack and Judy Pease
City: Champaign, IL
Model: 1980 MGB
Engine: 1990 Ford 5.0 V8
Conversion by: Pete Mantell at Mantell Motorpsort

Engine Mods: Edelbrock Power Package 367hp, 340 ft/lb RPM heads. Edelbrock RPM 7122 cam. Comp Cams roller rockers. MSD 8579 distributor. MSD "6A" ignition box, and MSD "Blaster" coil.
Induction: Edelbrock "Performer RPM Air Gap" manifold and 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor (electric choke). Holley "Red Top" Fuel pump (fits perfectly in the stock location!)
Exhaust: RV8 style headers from Coyote Conversions, with Jet Hot ceramic coating. Dual Mantell Motorsport exhaust system. Flowmaster mufflers, exiting through twin pipes at the rear on driver's side.
Cooling: Mantell Motorsport aluminum radiator, Ford Motorsport short-neck regular-flow water pump, and Flexlite low profile electric fan with shroud.
Transmission: Tremec T5 Super-Duty Z 5-speed. Custom driveshaft. Ford Motorsport clutch, aluminum flywheel, CNC slave cylinder, MGB master cylinder.
Rear Axle: Chevrolet S10 10-bolt (from D&D Fabrications).
Front Susp.: Fast Cars Inc. front suspension. 7/8" sway-bar, and Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.
Rear Susp.: lowered 1". Tube shock conversion. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.
Brakes: Wilwood (from Fast Cars Inc.)
Wheels/Tires: American Racing 16x7 wheels, BF Goodrich 205/55R16 tires.
Body mods: stock MGB hood with Mach 1 hood scoop (reversed). BMC "Special Tuning" front air-dam. Chrome bumper conversion.
Interior mods: Fiero seats with Mr Mikes leather kit. Auto Square 4-point harnesses. Grant steering wheel.
Electrical mods: Autometer gauges. Advance Autowire wiring harness.
Cost of conversion: approximately $15,000.
Comments: I've had many street rods and collector cars over the years, but this car is special.
It has attracted more attention and comments than all of the others.
Judy and I just love this car. It's fun with a capital "F"!

Here's a story about the car: I only had the car back from Pete's shop for about a week and decided to take it out for another spirited drive. (Like a new toy, I couldnít leave it alone.) The sound, the feel of the car hugging the road, it was a driving addiction I could not let go. While driving back into Champaign I pulled up alongside a Porsche at a stoplight, the owner didnít even look over.

"Time for another victory," I thought to myself. The 911 driver blipped has throttle in anticipation for the light change and I blipped mine too.

"That got his attention," I thought. He looked over, and down his nose through his Oakley sunglasses, as if to say "Whatís that?"

The lights changed to green, both cars surged with power and tire squeals: 1st gear, neck and neck. 2nd gear, still driving along side each other. Then into third and I pulled away!!! The Porsche owner was left scratching his head and reading my license plate: "MGB V-8".

When I got my car home and parked in the garage I noticed that she sat slightly lop-sided. Holy cow, I had bent the drivers side rear leaf spring! Time for a suspension upgrade I think.

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Pete at Mantell Motorsport specializes in Ford V8 engine conversions for MGB, plus powder coating

MSD distributor and ignition system (6A box and blaster coil)

alternator and remote oil filter

cooling system

Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads

Steve Carrick's Coyote through-the-fender headers

Ford 302 engine with aluminum heads

CNC pull-type slave cylinder

Fast Cars MGB suspension

checking motor mounts and oil pan clearance

Fast Cars front suspension

Chevy 10-bolt rear axle (narrowed S10 axle)

fancy headlights

Advance Auto Wire wiring harness


MGB dashboard

MGB interior

Fiero seats, with custom upholstery by Mr. Mike

underside of MGB hood

chrome bumper conversion, and spoiler

Ford style hood scoop

302 badge, and MGB LE stripes

exhaust pipes

American Racing wheels, BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires

2395 pounds

Jack Pease (left) and Pete Mantell (right)

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