G. Clark Smith's 1980 MGB-LE with Rover 3.5 V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 6 Issue 1)

By: G. Clark Smith
City: Durham, NC
Model: 1976 MG MGB-LE
Engine: Rover 3.5 V8

How It Was Done

Engine: Rover 3500, Carter AFB.
Transmission: Triumph TR-7 5-speed, rebuilt and very tight.
Bellhousing: Triumph TR-8, purchased new.
Clutch Master: 1980 MGB, rebuilt with new seals.
Flywheel: stock Rover, lightened.
Exhaust: standard British made mild steel conversion headers.
Tires/Wheels: MGB-LE wheels with 60 series Goodyear tires.
Suspension: torque arms on rear, rebuilt front suspension.
Cooling: new 1980 MGB, modified to accept larger flow hoses.
Rear End: stock MGB with 3.07:1 ring and pinion.
Conversion by: owner, Glen and John Towery.
Estimated cost: 2-1/2" summers of my life, plus unknown amount of dollars.

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