Fabrice Braunrot's 1972 MGB with Ford 2.8L V-6

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 3 Issue 1)

Owner: Fabrice Braunrot
City: New York, NY
Model: 1972 MG MGB
Engine: Ford 2.8 Litre V-6
Donor Car: 1975 Ford Capri

How It Was Done

Engine: EGR system removed. Ford electronic ignition. Bosch alternator and starter. Weber 38DGAS double choke (not sequential) carburetor. Remote oil filter.
Transmission: 1975 Ford Hummer 4-speed manual from Ford Capri. Hurst shifter.
Bellhousing: stock Ford Capri.
Clutch/Flywheel: stock Ford Capri.
Exhaust: V6MGB kit headers. A lot of cutting and rewelding on driver's side is necessary to clear the steering shaft.
Brakes: stock MGB. (Considering drilled rotors and MGB V-8 front brakes.)
Wheels & Tires: MGB 5.5" x 14" painted wire wheels. 165 tires. (Considering Minilite knock-offs and 185 tires.)
Front Suspension: stock MGB.
Rear Suspension: KONI tube shock conversion.
Cooling: 5-row MGB heavy duty radiator. Radiator was easily moved forward by using V6MGB kit spacers. Spacers in kit for engine mounted viscous clutch fan. Used wide jets in Weber carb to keep heat down.
Rear End: 3.07:1 stock MGC with wire wheel axles. MGB hubs.
Instruments: MGC tachometer. All others stock. Will be having speedometer recalibrated as it currently reads low due to rear end swap.
Parts Sources: conversion kit from V6MGB Conversions, PO Box 741992 Dallas TX 75374. Referred to "V6 Performance" book by Pat Ganahl available through Classic Motorbooks.
Cost of Conversion: $5500 less car.
Notes: V6MGB kit was good for engine mounts, isolators, brackets, etc. The only dissappointment was the driver's side header which did not fit. You can also keep the stock alternator instead of converting to AC Delco as kit instruction suggest. You have to cut and sleeve, with plumber's pipe, the steering shaft as the rack moves a couple inches forward. Need to have the driveshaft adapted (Ford front to MGC rear) and balanced. My conversion tends to run hot in the summer. Maybe a louvered hood would help. I would like to install an internal link 5-speed transmission. Otherwise the conversion is great to drive and very smooth.

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