Chris Gore's 1979 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

Chris Gore's 1979 MGB with Oldsmobile 215 V8

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume 7 Issue 1)

Owner: Chris Gore
City: Dahlonega GA
Model: 1979 MGB
Engine: Oldsmobile 215 V8
Conversion performed by: Owner

This car is powered by a '62 Olds 215 with 11.1:1 compression, double row timing chain, Carter AFB 4-bbl carburetor atop an Offenhauser intake manifold. Shifting is via the stock MGB 4-speed trans with a U.K. factory clutch, slave cylinder, etc. Currently runs the 3.9:1 rear end, but plan to change to a Ford 2.79 from Glen Towery. V-8 shares a garage with a 2-litre '72 with A/C which has been the daily drive since 1982 and an original '73 MGB complete with all emissions equipment. The '73 took first in class at Indy '96.

Oldsmobile 215

Chris Gore of Dahlonega, GA

removeable slam panel

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