Chris Falla's 1968 MGB with Turbocharged Ford Cosworth 2.0L Engine

Chris Falla's 1968 MGB with Turbocharged Ford Cosworth 2.0L Engine

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 3, December 2007

Owners: Chris Falla
City: Poole, Dorset, UK
Model: 1968 MGB
Engine: Ford "Sierra Sapphire" Cosworth 2L DOHC turbo four.
Conversion by: owner

Engine: The Ford "Sierra Sapphire" Cosworth 2L 16-valve,dual overhead cam, turbocharged, fuel-injected four-cylinder engine was originally rated by Ford at 204bhp. It was rebuilt (with new cylinder liners) in 2001. The electronic fuel injection system was rechipped with a 330bhp rated program, and #803 "green" fuel injectors were fitted, along with a 3 bar MAP sensor. The Garrett turbocharger has been upgraded to a larger Ford Escort Cosworth compressor housing and impeller (to give better initial boost.) An intercooler is installed betweel radiator and slam panel.
Cooling: "MGB V8" radiator with heavy duty Kenlowe adjustable electric fan.
Transmission: Borg-Warner T5 5 speed.
Rear Axle: Limited slip diff from the Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth donor car.
Front Susp.: Home-made double wishbone suspension with coil over shocks. The front suspension has been set up with 550 pound springs and 6 degrees of negative camber.
Rear Susp.: Home-made independent rear suspension. The Ford differential is mounted into a fabricated cage, which also includes double-wishbone and coilover-shock mounting points. The rear suspension is set up with CV jointed half shafts, 210 pounds springs, and 4 degrees of negative camber.
Brakes: (Front) MGB-V8 calipers and drilled discs, braided hoses.
(Rear) Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth discs and calipers with "Green Stuff" pads.
A later-model (1974.5+) MGB master cylinder has been fitted, complete with power brake servo.
Wheels/Tires: 15" knock-off alloy wheels with Goodyear 195/60R15 tires.
Other: The seats are leather upholstered in a Jaguar-spec color (custom built by Moss Darlington over up-rated reclining seats.) The carpets are Wilton green with soundproofing matting added. The dashboard is standard, complete with original-style crinkle finish paint, but the instruments have been color-matched to the car's overall scheme (e.g. Old English White faces with green markings). A "Caterham style" heater has been mounted behind the dashboard. The steering wheel is a 14" Mota-lita. A CD player with foldaway face has been fitted, plus there's a remote CD changer in the trunk.

2.0L Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 16-V DOHC

removal of heater shelf facilitates moving engine rearward

MGB V8 radiator and intercooler are hidden

Home-made IRS using Ford Sierra components.   IRS with coil-over shocks, double wishbones, and CV joints.

Moss Darlington reclining leather seats

Smiths gauges with custom faces

Old English White paint

CD changer is mounted in the trunk

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