Carl Floyd's 1979 MGB with Buick V8

Carl Floyd's 1979 MGB with Buick 215 V8

1963 Buick 215, 11:1 compresion ratio (JN block).
1963 Buick 215, 11:1 compresion ratio ("JN" block).

Mallory distributor

MGB V8 extra long core radiator
D&D swivel adapter, and off-the-shelf "MGB V8" (extra long core) radiator.

engine drive fan from a Triumph
7/8" front sway bar is balanced by a stock rear sway bar, and both are on polyurethane mounts.
Very old "V8" bushings are installed in the lower inboard A-arms. (Stock rubber everywhere else.)

Panhard bar - body mount
Panhard bar - body mount

stock axle and rear antisway bar... plus a Panhard rod
Stock axle and rear anti-sway bar... plus a home-made Panhard rod
Is that a Carter fuel pump?

Moss 480 lb. (1 inch lowering) front springs.
Moss 480 lb. (1" lower) front springs. (Carl says: "I think they actually dropped it about 1.5 inches.")
1.25" lowering blocks in the rear. The rear shackles were shortened about 0.75 inches.

Mazda Miata seats
Mazda Miata seats

shaved Toyo RA1 205/55-14 tires
14X6 American Racing wheels and shaved Toyo RA1 205/55-14 tires.
(Combined wheel/tire weight is 31 pounds per corner.)

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