Bob Edgeworth's 1972 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

Bob Edgeworth's 1972 MGB with Rover 3.5L V8

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XI Issue 3, September 2003

Owner: Bob Edgeworth
City: Richmond, VA
E-mail: MGBob25 @
Phone: 804-270-7853
Model: 1972 MGB Roadster
Engine: Rover 3500 SDI
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine: 1981 Rover SD1 3.5L V8. Crower 50230 cam, 0.445" lift on intake, 0.048" exhaust. Duration at 0.050" lift = 202 degrees intake, 210 degrees exhaust. Lobe separation angle of 108 degrees. Engine has been bored 0.030", 10.5:1 compression ratio pistons, completely balanced and blueprinted.
Intake: Lucas air flow electronic fuel injection system. Cable throttle linkage. K&N air filter.
Engine Electrical: Early model YM distributor reworked with transistorized ignition.
Drivetrain: Rover 5-sp from a Rover 3500 SD1. Gear ratios: 1 = 3.32, 2 = 2.09, 3 = 1.4, 4 = 1, 5 = 0.83. Rover clutch and throw-out bearing is used, along with an MG master cylinder and a Triumph slave cylinder. Flywheel and bellhousing are both Rover.
Cooling: An aluminum V-belt Buick water pump, with an MGB V8 radiator and twin electric fans provide cooling. A twin fan setup from a '77 MGB is used in a pusher configuration, controlled by an adjustable thermostat set at 190F. The engine thermostat is a 170F unit. The engine never runs hot.
Exhaust: RV8 headers feed a pair of glass-paks. 2.25" pipes exit in front of the rear wheels.
Rear Axle: Ford 8" from a '73 Maverick, 3:1 ratio. MGB outer housing tubes were used with Ford truck axles re-splined to fit the MGB hubs.
Front suspension: Lower control bushings are MGB V8 items, along with a 7/8" sway bar.
Rear suspension: Composite springs and traction bars.
Brakes: Rear brakes are stock. Cross drilled rotors, MGB V8 brake pads, and stainless steel brake hoses on the front. Silicon fluid is used.
Wheels/Tires: Michelin XSE 195/60/15 tires are mounted on 6.5X15 Panasport wheels.
Interior: Stock.
Body: Stock.
Electical: A 100 amp Motorola alternator, and a Weber gear reduction starter.
Cost: $6500. (All work except the machine work on the engine was done by the owner.)
Completed: September 15, 2000. Driven over 6,000 trouble free miles since.
Performance: Not yet tested. Car has lots of power and gets 32MPG!
Bob's Advice: Do a lot of research, talk to someone who has done a conversion.

Federal Rover EFI

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