Bob's 1969 MGB, with an Oldsmobile Quad-4

Bob's 1969 MGB, with an Oldsmobile Quad-4

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume X Issue 3, September 2002

Bob writes:

I have been a subscriber to the V8 newsletter for a couple of years. I didn't stuff a V8 into my ride, but I did use information included and many of the suppliers mentioned in the newsletter.

I converted a '92 Olds Achieva FI quad 4. The w41 engine I installed was a limited production hi-output version. I think there were less than 2,000 produced. It dyno-tested at 170 hp at the rear wheels. Not as much as you guys are getting out of the V8, but still fast enough to scare you at top end.



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